The reality star hints at marriage problems on show segment taped this summer

By Aili Nahas
October 07, 2013 05:00 PM
Jackson Lee Splash News Online

Amid endless reports about her relationship, Khloé Kardashian has seemed to remain even-keeled in public.

But on Sunday night’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, apparently taped this summer, the reality star opened up about her marital woes, revealing that, behind the scenes, she’s been struggling for months.

“There’s a lot of emotional issues I think Lamar has,” she confides to the camera, after a scene in which viewers saw Odom call her repeatedly on her cell phone, somewhat to Khloe’s annoyance.

“I do want to help or cater to Lamar,” she continues. “But there’s also so much somebody can take.”

The scenes, presumably taped around August (based on photos of the family in public around that time), appeared emotional for Kardashian, who also dealt in the episode with her fertility issues, as sister Kim encouraged her to look into adoption.

Odom, 33, who came under fire this summer for drug issues and rumors of infidelity, is “a very depressed person,” Kardashian revealed to the camera.

Now, the couple are living apart, and pals of the reality star say a split may be inevitable.

But even when the episode was filmed, it’s clear that Kardashian was struggling.

“I do love Lamar with every ounce of who I am,” she says. “But it’s really scary when someone’s in such a deep low. You know they’re kind of relying on you to get them out and you’re trying and nothing’s working.”

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