The twins' new web series, Side by Side, premiered Tuesday on Facebook Watch

Twins Khadijah and Malika Haqq may be partially known for their friendship with the Kardashians, but their new web series won’t be anything like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Malika and I have definitely watched [KUWTK] for good and for bad,” Khadijah, 36, tells PEOPLE. “It’s made us go, ‘Well, we know what we do want to do and we know what we don’t want to do.'”

“This isn’t about showing anything dramatic, for lack of a better word,” she adds. “It’s just us going, ‘We can sit down, be vulnerable and share the things that we love and that other people may be able to identify with us.'”

Their Kin web series, Side by Side, premiered Tuesday on Facebook Watch, and Malika says she hopes it helps “get rid of some misconceptions about us.”

Khadijah Haqq; Malika Haqq
Khadijah (left) and Malika Haqq
| Credit: Facebook

“I feel like people know so very little about us,” says the former Big Brother contestant. “When it comes down to doing reality television, you’ve probably got about five percent of who we are, not even just in our own lives, but in someone else’s life.”

“We didn’t really want to do a reality show on us, but I think there comes a time when there’s so many different narratives out there about you that are not actually who you are,” she explains. “It’s us being able to finally shed a little bit of light about who we are.”

In the first episode of Side by Side, the Haqq sisters dive into their childhood and family life, as well as Malika’s excitement to join Khadijah as a mom. Malika, who confirmed her first pregnancy in September, says “it’s crazy” that it worked out that she’d be able to document her journey to motherhood on the series.

“I just fell pregnant while already in production for the show,” Malika says. “It’s a beautiful opportunity to now be able to naturally document something that was already scheduled and it can perfectly fall in line. I plan on sharing a great bit of it.”

While Malika says in episode 1 that she would love to have twins or triplets, “I’m definitely having a single,” she confirms to PEOPLE. “Finding out there was just one was really great for me. I was like, ‘Twins for my first pregnancy?’ I could not imagine.”

But she does “plan on having more than one child,” she says. “I don’t know when. I didn’t know when I would have this baby, but twins are definitely not off of the table for me. If that is my design in life to be a mother to twins, I would love that.”

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As mom to son Christian, 9, and daughter Celine, 5, with husband Bobby McCray, Khadijah has plenty of parenting advice she can offer her sister.

“One thing people may not know about us is that Malika and I really enjoy our sleep. If there’s anything I’ve reminded her of it’s, ‘Sleep as much as you can,'” Khadijah says. “New babies don’t know the difference between night and day. As soon as you can get a baby on a schedule, the better. Sleep deprivation is nothing to play with.”

Even with the prospect of less sleep on the horizon, Malika says in Side by Side’s premiere that she’s excited to take her life from party of one to a party of two. And since she hasn’t publicly confirmed the father of her child, she tells PEOPLE she plans to focus her story on the show on her and her baby.

“My life will be my life and my perspective,” she says, adding that she doesn’t “really plan on speaking” about the dad on Side by Side.

And Khadijah is just as excited about her role in her sister’s path to motherhood.

“I didn’t realize until she got pregnant how long I’ve waited to share this with her,” Khadijah says. “It makes me really excited that I get to do this with her now. She’s been helping me raise my kids and that’s been really great.”

“Now, doing it with her, I can’t wait to do Donut Friday with her kids,” she adds. “I can’t wait to have her kid over at our house, be in the bath, and playing with me and my husband. I really look forward to that. Everything we do in our lives is shared.”

Side by Side airs Tuesdays (1 p.m. ET) on Facebook Watch.