August 17, 2014 06:30 PM

This one gets complicated, so bear with us: The Clinton Foundation just released this video of Kevin Spacey as his House of Cards character Frank Underwood phoning Hillary Clinton as Bill Clinton, and it’s hilarious. Still with us? Okay, read on.

Spacey-as-Underwood-as-Clinton asks Hillary for an elephant for his 68th birthday (which is Aug. 19) – likely a reference to Hillary and Chelsea’s pleas to stop elephant poaching – then listens as Hillary talks about her possible presidential bid. (He also suggests some names for Chelsea’s baby, “Frank” notably among them.)

It’s hardly the first time Spacey’s brought Underwood into the real world for a laugh: He addressed Emmy viewers as Underwood last year and briefly slipped into the accent while presenting at the Oscars in March.

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