Kevin McKidd: Give Me a Grey's Nickname!

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Kevin McKidd has gone from playing a time-traveling reporter on NBC’s Journeyman to operating as a troubled trauma surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy.

But the one thing Seattle Grace’s Owen Hunt hasn’t done is procure a McNickname for his character on the ABC show. “They haven’t given me one,” McKidd tells with a laugh at a VH1 Save The Music Foundation benefit in San Pedro, Calif. “I’m waiting for that! Some call me G.I. Joe, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten so far.”

Though he couldn’t divulge any show secrets, McKidd hints that Hunt and George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) will develop a close bond as the season progresses. “It’s interesting what happens with my character and O’Malley in the latter half of the season. I kind of connect with him and see potential in him in a field that even he hadn’t thought about,” says McKidd. “So he really comes into his own in this season and I help him realize he has a natural gift for a certain type of surgery.”

And Grey’s is also finding creative ways to handle costar Chyler Leigh’s pregnancy, which isn’t being written into the storyline. “There’s a lot of scenes, you’ll notice, where there are two guys standing in front of her and she’ll be kind of peeking around,” he says. “That’s how we’re getting around it, in a very old-school way. She’s really showing now. She’s looking really healthy and really happy.” — Jessica Herndon

Tell us: What nickname do you think Kevin McKidd should be given on Grey’s?

Craig Sjodin/ABC

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