Kevin McHale Says a 'Glee' Reunion 'Might Happen'

"I think it would be fun to maybe do a concert or something," Kevin McHale told PEOPLE about a Glee reunion

Kevin McHale is keeping the dream of a Glee reunion alive.

“I feel like it might happen, but I just don’t know what it looks like,” McHale, who starred as Artie Abrams on the musical dramedy from 2009-15, told PEOPLE at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday.

After six seasons, the show went off the air in 2015, and there have been rumors of reboot ever since. And McHale is up for it!

Said McHale, 30: “I mean, we all hang out all the time but the public doesn’t see that. I think it would be fun to maybe do a concert or something.”

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“I was talking about it with Amber Riley a couple weeks ago and she said it would be fun. She tried to put one together a couple years ago and it didn’t work out,” he shared. “It would be fun to do it and raise money for charity and do a one-off concert.”

If a reunion does happen, the question is: What would it be like to be together again on a stage?

“It would be really nice to have us all together,” said McHale, “and it would be easy for us in a sense that we’re well-trained seals.”

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Recently, Matthew Morrison — he starred as Will Schuester on the Fox series — said he wouldn’t rejoin the Glee world for a TV remake, but a concert could be a different story.

“I feel like it had its moment right at the right time, and now it’s on Netflix so a whole new generation is starting to watch it,” he told PEOPLE at TUSHY’s Funeral for a Tree in NYC at the end of April. “I would totally be interested in doing a reunion concert, where we can do this awesome night for some great foundation.”

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