January 12, 2016 10:00 AM

Kevin Hart: actor, comedian, and Golden Globes hero … at least, according to him!

During an appearance on Tuesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hart claimed he saved Lady Gaga when she apparently almost fell exiting the stage after accepting her award for best actress in a limited series or TV movie for her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel.

Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres (inset: Lady Gaga)
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.; Inset: Getty

While everyone was talking about what happened when Gaga made her way to the stage to claim her statuette, according to Hart, “what people don’t know is after she got the award, she was walking off, she fell.”

“I like, had to catch her,” Hart, 36, told host Ellen DeGeneres. “And while I caught her I said, ‘I just want you to realize how big my arms are. They’re just – it could have been bad. It could have been really bad for you, but I saved your life.’ ”

Hart, ever the funnyman, went on to explain just how dangerous Gaga’s fall could have been.

“I didn’t let her go down that far because I’m a hero. The thing is like, she was on her way down. It could have been brutal, you know, we’re talking blood, broken bones!” he said. “But the inner hero in me grabbed her and my instincts kicked in, and I immediately cleared the camera: ‘Move!’ ”

“And then I had her and she was gasping for air. It was a moment,” he concluded. “It was like a thing and I was like, ‘I’m engaged.’ True story. That happened.”

Speaking of his engagement, the Ride Along 2 star also spilled a few details about his upcoming wedding to Eniko Parrish, which is set for Aug. 8.

According to Hart, he’s “not one bit” involved in the planning.

“I am a smart man. … I just said, just make sure that I know where to walk and what color I’m wearing,” he said. “I’m fine, I’m just going to sign the check. I just want a piece of chicken, and I just want to walk down the aisle.”

As for whether it’ll be a big wedding, Hart admitted he “knows nothing.”

“I hope not! My bank account hopes it’s not. I had no say so!” he said.

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