WATCH: Kevin Hart and James Corden Trade Insults in Heated Rap Battle

James Corden and Kevin Hart face off in an epic rap battle on The Late Late Show

Photo: CBS

After Anne Hathaway destroyed James Corden in a rap battle, you’d think he’d be afraid to enter the ring again. Luckily, Corden gathered what was left of his ego to face off against Kevin Hart – only for the comedian to show Corden who was boss.

Corden, 37, went straight for the jugular in the first round, teasing Hart about his short stature as the two squared off on The Late, Late Show.

“You might Think Like a Man, but you’re built like a boy,” Corden rapped. He even offered Hart a step stool to jokingly provoke the comedian.

Hart, 36, fired back with a dig on Corden’s recurring Carpool Karaoke sketch.

“Carpool Karaoke, how long that last? How do you rap with your head up Lin-Manuel s ass?,” he said, referring to the acclaimed Hamilton creator.

The two didn’t hold back while continuing to trade insults. It was a close call to determine a winner, but Hart won the crowd over with his final line: “With that Chris Rock line, you think you’re sweet; I fill football stadiums, you barely fit in a seat.”

The Late Late Show airs weeknights (12:37 a.m. ET) on CBS.

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