"Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon," says the actor in a spot for IncredibleEgg.org

The egg lobby has finally landed its perfect spokesman.

Kevin Bacon, star of The Following and best known for being separated by six degrees from any actor from any film or TV show in creation, has finally embraced his last name in a commercial for IncredibleEgg.org.

The premise of the spot is that, well, “Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon,” as the actor puts it. “Did you know that each egg contains six–” he starts, before being cut off by the woman in the commercial: “Six degrees of separation! Right.”

“No,” replies Bacon. “I was going to say six grams of high quality protein.”

After Bacon drops some egg knowledge, he begins sniffing the eggs and the woman, in turn, fully inhales the essence of Bacon himself, because wouldn’t you?