Thirty years later, the youthful actor has lost none of his swing, unleashing a step-by-step redo of his famous dance numbers

By Alexis L. Loinaz
March 22, 2014 12:30 PM

Kevin Bacon still knows how to kick off those Sunday shoes.

The actor stopped by The Tonight Show Friday night, where he gamely showed host Jimmy Fallon that he’s lost none of his swing or swagger 30 years after he broke out in the classic hip-swiveling rebel yell Footloose.

To mark the three decades since the film’s release, the age-defying Bacon – now 55, if you can believe it – uncorked a step-by-step redo of two of the movie’s iconic dance sequences. And, in keeping with the film’s let-loose, rules-be-damned ethos, Bacon’s Footloose 2.0 send-up was literally showstopping.

Blame it all on Fallon: While introducing Bacon, the host segued into a scripted sketch that riffed on Footloose‘s storyline, as a poker-faced Fallon insisted that dancing had been outlawed on The Tonight Show.

Cue to an incensed Bacon, waiting in his dressing room.

“Dancing is illegal?” the actor said, fuming. “Jump back – this is The Tonight Show. There has to be dancing.”

Faster than you can say “boogie,” the actor sprang into action, hoofing it up in a virtual recreation of the stomping solo scorcher “Never.”

(Then again, the film has always been rife for parody – and not by Bacon alone.)

From there, Bacon brings it home with a barn-storming retread of the film’s finale, set to the titular theme.

Not too shabby for a guy who once told PEOPLE he was “furious” that filmmakers decided to use a dance double in the movie.

Let’s hear it for the boy now, shall we?