Hartwell filed for divorce from Pulliam on July 26

By Natalie Stone
Updated August 17, 2016 03:55 PM
Robin L Marshall/Getty

Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s ex Ed Hartwell is denying claims that he “has been plotting to harm and obstruct [her] pregnancy,” according to new court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

In a response filed Wednesday to the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, Hartwell “emphatically denies” that he “engaged in certain underhanded and unusual conduct” that Pulliam alleges “believes to be designed … to miscarry her unborn child.”

Hartwell’s response states that Pulliam, 37, “should be ashamed of herself for ever making such false and offensive allegations.”

The 38-year-old former NFL linebacker also “denies there is a need for a restraining order keeping him away” from Pulliam and her home.

Hartwell filed for divorce from Pulliam on July 26, not quite eight months after the two tied the knot.

Pulliam, who is pregnant with the couple’s unborn daughter, alleges in court documents filed Aug. 9 that her estranged husband is “currently engaged in an adulterous relationship” and “surreptitiously maintained this adulterous relationship with his paramour, Tonya Jean Carroll.”

In Wednesday’s filing, Hartwell “emphatically denies the allegations of adultery” during the marriage and claims that “he is not involved in a relationship with anyone,” including Carroll.

Though the former Cosby Show child actor requested a paternity test from Hartwell after she alleged in the Aug. 9 docs that he “deliberately neglected to acknowledge” that the couple is expecting their first child, Hartwell states in his response that “he has always been willing to voluntarily submit to paternity testing.”

He explained in the court documents that he is waiting to take a paternity test until after the child is born because prenatal testing “could possibly endanger the life of the unborn child.”

Pulliam also alleges that her ex “has been mentally and emotionally abusive” and “has willfully engaged in such cruel treatment which has affected the health and welfare.”

The expectant mother claims that Hartwell’s “mental state … should be questioned
due to his violent and erratic behavior and actions” and that he “should be immediately ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation.”

In the docs, she claims she “was forced to live on egg shells in the former marital home due to [Hartwell]’s deep-seated rage and uncontrollable anger.”

In Hartwell’s response, the athlete denies the claims and states in the documents, “If either party has been mentally and emotionally abusive toward the other, it is [Pulliam].”

The Kandidly Keshia host also claims in the documents that her ex is “in possession of firearms” that are registered under her name and requests that he “be ordered to immediately remove [Pulliam]’s name from the registration/title of any firearms, or, in the alternative, turnover said firearms to Respondent at a local police department.”

Hartwell admits in his response that “he is only in possession of his own firearms” but denies that he has any firearms in his possession that are registered under Pulliam’s name.