"I have no desire to continue to be a part of that lie," Pulliam said of drama surrounding Hartwell and his ex, Lisa Wu
Credit: Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Keshia Knight Pulliam is taking it day by day amid her divorce from husband Ed Hartwell.

The actress opened up her Play.it’s podcast Kandidly Keshia this week, saying with a breath of relief: “It’s Friday, and I’ve made it.”

She continued, “One thing you know in show business is that the show must always go on. I’ve definitely had a trying week, to say the least, but I’m grateful, I’m here, I’m well, baby girl is well and, at the end of the day, that is all that matters.”

Hartwell, 38, filed for divorce from The Cosby Show alum, 37, on Monday – just seven months after the couple wed.

“I’ve kind of been dealing with a little situation,” Pulliam continued with a laugh. “Despite what’s been publicized, there’s always funny, there’s always love, there’s always laughter, no matter what.”

Pulliam, 37, went on to say that she didn’t get any money from an interview she gave to Entertainment Tonight this week “because truth is priceless, integrity is priceless.”

“There’s no amount of money that could replace that, and it was about the opportunity to share my truth – share what has actually happened to me,” she said. “And I’m grateful for it because of how many women I’ve been able to empower, because silence is what allows this to continue, for people to suffer, for people to feel alone, and I’m human – we all have stuff, I’m not excluded. So the fact that I was able to help even one woman, for me, makes it all worth it.”

When discussing Hartwell’s ex-wife, Lisa Wu, Pulliam admitted that, “Lisa Wu and I have never, will never, be friends.”

“I have no ill will for her, I don’t know her like that it was never a situation of stealing anyone’s husband,” she continued to say about the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

Pulliam finished up by saying that she is “moving forward” and no longer wants to be “a part of that lie.”

“I have no desire to continue to be a part of that lie and to continue to be part of a false made up story line that puts me in a defamatory, derogatory light,” she said.

“I respect her for being EJ’s mom,” she said, “because I love him dearly and our connection is that we’re going to have the same ex-husband and our children will be siblings, but beyond that, that’s all. I wish you the best, and I’m moving forward.”

And in that spirit, she echoed the words she spoke at the top of the podcast: “The show must go on, you just keep it movin’. This isn’t the final destination – it’s a pit stop. No more tears, I’m laughing all the way from this point and enjoying life.”

Later on Friday, Pulliam took to Instagram to thank her fans for their support.

“Just taking a moment to be present, relax & be grateful…” she captioned a photo of her legs crossed, relaxing in what appears to be her backyard. “As my late Uncle Gene would say, ‘Just coolin my heals!’ Thank you to all who have reached out to send love, support & encouragement… My village is more amazing than I could ever dream of!! Stuff happens… But ‘The show must go on!’ “