All the Ways 'Scandal' Has Hidden Kerry Washington's Baby Bump, by the Numbers

The disappearance of her pregnancy is the ABC drama's most blatant cover-up

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

Every half season of Scandal has its own main scandal: the murder of Amanda Tanner, the election rigging in Ohio, the existence of shadowy CIA squad B613. This spring’s abbreviated string of episodes has nominally been centered on the reappearance of Olivia Pope’s mother, but true Scandal fans know that that’s a false-flag operation. The real scandal at the heart of the spring’s half-season is the disappearance of star Kerry Washington‘s ever-growing baby bump, which the show’s producers have attempted to hide with the worst cover-up the show has ever seen.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the evidence, by the numbers. Pin these up to your wall while a funky Motown song plays.

(GIFs via TVGuide, Cinemablend and Tumblr.)

Lamps: 2

Phones: 2

Assorted knickknacks: 6

Coats and bags: 3

Tables and chairs: 2

Pillows: 1

White House guard booths: 1

Binoculars: 1

Other characters: 4

Knees: 1

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