April 06, 2018 04:57 PM

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys spend a lot of time together — but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know everything about their each other.

Tasked with playing a game Thursday night on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to test how well the real-life couple — who also play husband and wife in The Americans — know one another, Russell and Rhys had a hilariously difficult time coming up with the correct answers.

Asked what her partner thought her most irritating habit was, the 42-year-old paused before guessing it was “that I say ‘bunch.’ “

“Oh,” said Rhys, 43 — as if he had forgotten that was even an option. (According to him, her most annoying habit is leaving her hair in the bathtub.)

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Rhys didn’t fare much better when he was asked what Russell’s favorite thing the couple does together was.

After he guessed “dance,” Russell burst into laughter as she replied, “When do we dance together?”

“In my dreams we do,” he replied.

Charles Sykes/Bravo

But the most comical moment came when Russell struggled to figure out Rhys’ biggest celebrity crush.

“Ummm,” she said as she racked her brain for the answer. “This is what I’m taking off of. We were on a road trip one time with our big kids, and our 6-year-old, River at the time, we were playing, do you guys ever play that game called MASH?”

Cutting her off, host Andy Cohen told the actress he needed an answer.

“Welcome to my life,” Rhys teased.

Finally, Russell blurted out that Rhys had a crush on Kim Kardashian West. Seeming genuinely shocked, he turned to her and said, “What?!”

But just as he was about to reveal the real identity of his celebrity crush, Russell correctly guessed that it was actress Elisabeth Shue.

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Russell and Rhys welcomed their first child together in 2016, son Sam, 1. Russell is also mom to River, 10, and Willa, 6, from her ex Shane Deary.

Russell previously told PEOPLE that she was “very grateful” for starring in The Americans — which aired its final episode last month. She also added that she’d miss working with Rhys, even though “that brings its own complications — as anyone who works with a partner experiences.”

“There’s something so great about having someone so close for funny moments or really hard moments or really mundane moments,” she said. “Like, ‘Can you pick up laundry soap on your way home because we’re out?’ or ‘We’re out of milk.’ That show has been life-changing to me in many, many ways.”

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