It was trouble in paradise again for Kenya Moore and boyfriend Matt Jordan on Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta

It was trouble in paradise again for Kenya Moore and boyfriend Matt Jordan.

On Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, the two found themselves at odds again — trying to piece their relationship back together after Jordan angrily kicked Moore’s garage-door window in.

The couple, who met while Moore was filming the show’s eighth season, had been on the outs after Jordan became jealous with Moore over an Instagram photo she posted with Jay Z.

“I need a man that’s confident,” Moore told pal Cynthia Bailey. “I know I’m not perfect. But I want a successful relationship. I want to be completely vulnerable with someone — be loved in every single way possible. Am I going to go left and be with Matt and have this happily ever after life? Have the baby? Or am I going to go right?”

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“Sometimes I just wonder, am I ever going to get to the point where I have it all,” an emotional Moore added. “Because every time I get so far, it feels like it’s just not in my reach.”

“You need a strong man because you are a strong woman” she told Moore. “And he has to be strong enough to let you be you. If Matt just cannot do that, I would really reevaluate whether you want to move forward in the relationship with him.”

Jordan and Moore attempted to meet to discuss their problems. But when he arrived at Moore’s Atlanta home around 2 a.m. after flying back from Los Angeles, he was drunk and angry. After Moore refused to let him in, Jordan kicked in the window of the garage door in anger.

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“I don’t know what to do,” Moore told Bailey. “He just gets angry. He’s acting out. He’s a child.”

“Well if he’s a child, then he needs to go home to his mother,” Bailey responded. “That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard. Acting out? What kind of s— is that. I’m sorry if I’m speaking out of turn, but I’m really nervous about the way he is behaving.”

“This is out of control,” Bailey continued. “I know you’re trying with this guy, but I just don’t have a very good feeling about it. You may have to think about taking some time away from this guy.”

While Moore said she’s not afraid Jordan would hurt her, viewers could tell this wasn’t as black and white of an issue as Bailey made it out to be. Just thinking about it caused Moore to break down in tears — and turn to the RHOA producers for advice.

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“I feel like he’s a good person, but he’s just so f—– up,” she told her producer. “He just has demons. He feels like he’s not really supposed to be with me and it just messes with him because he’s just a regular guy that came out of nowhere and I just wasn’t the nicest person to him in the beginning. And he holds on to all of that and resents me for all of that. And at this point, I don’t know what to do.”

“I really love him but sometimes I don’t want to be fighting with him all the time,” she said. “In the beginning of our relationship, Matt and I had the best time. We were always laughing. He was just really happy to be in my presence. I really love Matt but it’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore his immaturity.”

Jordan’s immaturity was on full display when he finally met up with Moore to talk things through at her house. And though he had promised to change — and asked her to forgive him one more time and take him back — he said he felt ambushed by the RHOA camera crew and refused to get out of the car.

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“We’re either in this together or we’re not,” Moore said. “This is who I am. You can look me in the eye and you can tell me what we’re gonna do or what we’re not.”

“You have me lookin’ like a f—— crazy person,” she said. ” You’re making me look bad because I go to bat for you every time. I f——- have your back every time. I don’t call the police. I don’t make reports. If I wanted to f—— bury you, I could and you know it.”

But Jordan wouldn’t take all the blame for their problems. “You treat me like I’m disposable — I keep telling you that,” he said, explaining Moore verbally abuses him for weeks until he snaps.

“I’m not justifying that or my actions with what you’ve done,” Jordan said. “But you always make it seem like I just act out all of a sudden out of nowhere and you’ve done nothing to it. I’m a young man. I get upset. I might break something. but you’re disrespectful almost constantly with your mouth and that causes things to escalate.”

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“You talk to me like a farm animal on the daily,” he told Moore. “You’re manipulative and fundamentally deceptive.”

Moore wouldn’t take the blame for Jordan’s actions. “What you’re trying to tell me is ‘Kenya, you’re responsible for kicking in your garage.’ The next thing you’ll say is ‘Kenya, you’re responsible cause I whipped your ass.’ ”

Soon thereafter, Jordan sped off. But considering the two are still together, this clearly isn’t the end.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.