Insecure Star Kendrick Sampson Hit with Rubber Bullets at George Floyd Protest in L.A.

Kendrick Sampson later told fans he had to get stitches

Kendrick Sampson
Photo: Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images

Kendrick Sampson was shot with rubber bullets and hit by a police baton while protesting in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, the Insecure star, 32, shared footage of the violence on Instagram, telling his followers that he was shot seven times. "This is the clearest video I could find! You can see on my IG live they started beating my assistant, Mario (who showed up to stand with me — after I told him to go home ✊🏽) in the white shirt to my right," Sampson shared alongside CNN footage of the police brutality.

The violence had also been captured in real-time on Instagram Live.

"Then in this video, look closely, you can see them shoot him by ricocheting a rubber bullet off the ground then you can see me, process that s---, step in front of him and you can see several of them hit me multiple times with batons, then an officer aims straight at me, no ricochet, and shoots. And hits. That was one of 7 shots I took," the actor explained. "They are excruciating. And they CAN kill."

Sampson then directed his fans to his Twitter page, where he shared more footage of police "beating, agitating and brutalizing several unarmed protesters after they started the aggression."

"Then you can see WOMEN, non-Black true ACCOMPLICES in the struggle- not allies - step in front to try to protect and deescalate. ✊🏽Unfortunately, they beat them with batons too," he wrote.

"Glad I y’all witnessed this. Esp the video of them actually targeting us. He didn’t try to ricochet the bullets of the ground - one tactic - he pointed the gun DIRECTLY AT ME. I actually got hit 7 times with rubber bullets and many with batons," he tweeted, adding that he had to get stitches from the violence.

The actor was one of a number of celebrities who hit the streets this weekend to demonstrate against racial injustice and police brutality after the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer pinned him to the ground with a knee on his neck in Minneapolis.

Singer Ariana Grande was also spotted protesting in L.A. One fan account shared photos of the "Stuck with U" singer holding a sign that read "Black Lives Matter."

Halsey also joined the protest in L.A., documenting her experience on Twitter and Instagram. According to the singer, she as also hit by rubber bullets, telling her fans the outburst was "unprovoked."

"Fired rubber bullets at us. we did not breach the line. hands were up. unmoving. and they gassed and fired," she wrote on Twitter.

Model Emily Ratajkowski also joined demonstrations, posting photos from the march on her Instagram. "DISMANTLE POWER STRUCTURES OF OPPRESSION," her sign read.

Meanwhile, rapper Machine Gun Kelly also joined the protests with a sign that read "Silence is Betrayal," protesting alongside fellow rapper Mod Sun.

The celebrities joined outraged Americans who rallied to protest across the country in at least 30 U.S. cities, including San Jose, Denver, New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C.

The Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on Floyd — identified as Derek Chauvin — has been fired and was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on Friday.

Some of the protests turned violent, with clashes between protestors and police that have led to arrests. In L.A. alone, 500 people were arrested during Friday night's protests, according to USA Today.

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