Someone has possible baby news for Kendra Wilkinson and it isn't her doctor

By Brittany King
Updated August 22, 2016 10:55 AM

Could a third child be in Kendra Wilkinson‘s future?

In a sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the former Playboy model sits down with the celebrity clairvoyant medium for the first time, and learns that she’s susceptible to pregnancy.

“You have two kids?” Henry asks her right away.

“I do,” agrees Wilkinson, 31.

The Kendra on Top star and her husband Hank Baskett have two children together: Hank IV, 6, Alijah Mary, 2.

“Okay, cool. Would you ever be open to having a third?” the medium continues to question her.

“Why would you ask?” she says giggling in response.

“Well, because um you have a susceptibility to some hormonal changes, which would indicate a susceptibility to pregnancy,” he tells the reality star. “So, it’s good to keep in mind. From your perspective, is having a third child something you’d ever be interested in?”

After taking a moment to let the reading sink in, she tells Henry that her feelings about having another child have changed as of late.

“I said absolutely not,” she began. “But now, our daughter just entered pre-school and that second that she went into the pre-school, I was like, ‘I got empty nest syndrome already.’ ”

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Wednesday (8 p.m ET) on E!