"Any time someone brings up family, it's a very sensitive subject with Kendra," Baskett explains on Kendra on Top
Credit: D. Dipasupil/Getty

Kendra Wilkinson‘s personal drama has been very public – and now it’s hurting her professionally.

After the former Playboy model storms off a set when drama with her brother, Colin, is brought up, husband Hank Baskett has to explain to Kendra and Colin’s mutual friend LaVance how much the strife with her family hurts her.

“Any time someone brings up family, it’s a very sensitive subject with Kendra,” explains Baskett, 33, in an interview.

Talking to LaVance, he notes, “This situation’s so tricky because things were taken public that should have been kept private” as shots of harsh interviews Colin has given about Kendra appear.

The drama stems from Wilkinson publicly feud with her mother, Patti, whom she has called "sadistic" and whom she’s accused of "sell[ing] my tears to the damn tabloids."

“Any time it’s brought up, it opens up bad, bad wounds – it’s Kendra crying herself to sleep,” says Baskett.

But LaVance thinks the anger and pain won’t stop until both sides make a decision to meet in the middle.

“Both sides are hurting, nobody’s trying to heal,” says LaVance. “Being an outsider, how I see it, things can be fixed.”

Baskett’s skeptical: “My guard goes up because Kendra’s been hurt very bad by her brother Colin. I just don’t want her to put her effort into mending things with her brother and then the rug’s pulled from underneath her. I don’t want her to get hurt.”

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