Kendra Wilkinson Lands in Another Explosive Situation with Her 'Sadistic' Mother Patti

Wilkinson says her younger brother "really stepped up and he really became a true man" amid tragic circumstances


The animosity between Kendra Wilkinson and her mother Patti doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s Kendra on Top, the former Playboy model goes to her late grandmother Mary Stotz‘s house with her brother Colin to pick up some belongings.

But what should be a solemn moment has intense drama under the surface as Patti is next door and incensed that Kendra would dare come near her.

“The last thing I want to do is fight with my mom. I don’t want any drama, I just want to get what I’m here for and get out as fast as I can,” Kendra say in an interview in the clip. “I don’t want to see my mom, I don’t want to run into her. I mean, because, if that were to happen, I guarantee it wouldn’t be good.”

Just feet away, Colin has to repeatedly tell Patti “calm down” so that an altercation doesn’t break out.

Kendra just recently reconciled with Colin, 25, after a two-year estrangement stemming from his closeness to Patti, whom Kendra has called “sadistic” and whom she’s accused of “selling my tears to the damn tabloids.”

In the clip from this week’s episode, Kendra admits, “I feel bad for my brother ’cause I feel like he’s a little trapped, maybe, he doesn’t want to stray from his mom. I totally understand that. He can be with his mom. As long as he knows I love him, that I’ll be here for no matter what – that’s all I care about.”

Kendra on Top airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on WEtv.

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