Kendra Wilkinson Dishes on Having to See an Intimacy Coach with Hank Baskett in 'Kendra on Top' : 'But I Thought We Were Great at Sex!'

"It's so easy to talk about sex," says Wilkinson, "but intimacy is a little bit touchier"


There’s a big difference between sex and intimacy – just ask Kendra Wilkinson.

The former Playboy model and her husband, Hank Baskett, are still rebuilding their marriage in the wake of the cheating scandal that nearly tore them apart, and they’re calling in an expert to tackle one of their biggest issues.

“Our couples counselor told us we need a sex therapist,” Wilkinson, 30, reveals in a racy exclusive clip from Friday’s Kendra on Top. “I thought we were great at sex!”

Of course, as Baskett, 32, is quick to point out, that’s not the real reason they’re seeking professional help: “It’s about commitment. That’s what it’s about.”

Even Wilkinson has to agree with that. After all, evidenced by a hilarious (and slightly NSFW) montage of the couple in happier – and friskier! – times, Wilkinson and Baskett have never really had trouble with the physical side of their relationship.

“It’s so easy to talk about sex,” Wilkinson admits. “There’s a certain humor to it. But intimacy is a little bit touchier, it’s a little bit more emotional. It’s deeper, it involves your heart.”

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