According to their counselor, if the reality stars can't "be honest and openly discuss [their biggest] problem, they'll never be able to heal their marriage"

By Andrea Park
Updated May 15, 2015 01:00 PM
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Will Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett be able to heal their strained marriage?

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Wilkinson and Baskett are forced to confront their marital issues head-on.

“We’re here to challenge you and find out what’s broken here,” says marriage counselor Elizabeth Carroll to the spouses, who are facing each other on an altar in front of the other struggling couples.

“I need to learn how to listen, and I’m just too judgmental in what he’s doing,” Wilkinson, 29, confesses.

Baskett, 32, shares his own personal struggles: “My biggest fear is failure. I’ve battled severe depression for a couple years, trying to live life perfect, perfect in sports, perfect in school, perfect husband, father, everything like that.”

Wilkinson admits to adding to her estranged husband’s pressure, but Carroll quickly cuts in, accusing the couple of avoiding the “elephant in the room.”

In a joint interview with her husband and co-counselor Jim, Carroll says the key to repairing the Kendra on Top stars’ fractured marriage is addressing the rumors of Baskett’s infidelity.

“Hank and Kendra are avoiding what appears to be the biggest issue in their marriage,” Carroll says. “Hank has been accused in the tabloids of cheating on Wilkinson with a [transgender] model.”

Jim adds, “Look, by not talking about this issue, they are creating an even bigger issue in their relationship.”

Carroll claims that if the two can’t “be honest and openly discuss this problem, they’ll never be able to heal their marriage.”

Back on the altar, Carroll tells the anxious-looking reality couple that she can “feel the pain radiating” off of them.

“I promise you, the only way through it is to talk about,” she says, as Hank struggles to hold back tears.

But before they can start talking through their marital issues, Carroll says she must ask whether anybody in the audience “objects to this union,” after which a mystery member of the crowd is shown walking out of the room.

“Oh, hell no!” Wilkinson says in a side interview.

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Season 3 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres May 29 on WEtv.