The duo are only speaking when it comes to their two children, a source tells PEOPLE

By Christina Dugan
April 05, 2018 08:34 AM

While Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett continue to stay focused on their children amid their impending separation, they’re not on speaking terms when it comes to anything else.

“Kendra and Hank aren’t talking right now, unless it’s about the kids,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They want to do everything they can to keep things as normal as possible for Hank and Alijah. Despite everything, they will continue to put on a united front for them.”

On Monday, the former Playboy model alluded to a split in a series of emotional videos on her Instagram story.

“Ten years,” she said, crying. “I did everything I could. It wasn’t good enough. I will always love him and my heart will always remain open for him. I believed in forever, I really did. Guess it’s just not meant to be. I’m so scared, but I have to get strong for my kids — I will.”

Credit: Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

“Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me at the moment,” she continued. “Every little ounce of love helps, thank you. I never thought I’d see the day, really.”

Hours later, Wilkinson shared a photo of what appeared to be an attorney’s office. She captioned the image “Here we go,” adding a sad face emoji.

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Another source recently told PEOPLE that Hank has moved out of the couple’s home as he and Kendra prepare to file for separation.

“Hank is out of the house and has been for some time,” the source said. “He’s upset, but is staying strong for their kids.” .

Last month, the same source confirmed that the duo had been struggling to connect when it came to their parenting techniques.

“They love each other and the family dynamic they’ve built together but just aren’t on the same page when it comes to parenting styles,” the source said. “Hank is definitely more of the disciplinarian, but they’ve been trying to work together. Kendra has always been focused on her career – but loves her kids. It’s a tough balancing act for her as with any working mom. She spent half of 2017 performing her play in Las Vegas but would fly home as much as she could. Hank would take the kids to see her often too.”

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Kendra, 32, and Hank, 35, wed in 2009. Their marriage was rocked by scandal in 2014 when Hank allegedly had an affair with a transgender model while Kendra was eight months pregnant. Though the couple remained committed to each another and attempted to make their relationship work in the years since, it hasn’t been easy.

“The marriage was never a walk in the park,” an insider previously told PEOPLE. “They had a lot of issues, whether it was his lack of longevity in his career to his Super Bowl fiasco to her postpartum depression to his infidelity to money and career problems. … It just never was the fairytale she wanted.”