'Kendra on Top' Finale Sneak Peek: Kendra Wilkinson Freaks Out When Body Paint Makes Her Look 'like a Booger'

When the costume for her new music video isn't as sexy as she expected, Wilkinson is not amused

Photo: Poeple now

Kendra Wilkinson is used to wearing nothing but body paint (it is how she met ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, after all) – but she’s accustomed to a much sexier look than what her stylists landed on for her new music video.

“I feel like a booger,” says the former Playboy centerfold in an exclusive sneak peek at friday’s Kendra on Top finale.

The episode goes behind the scenes of Wilkinson’s new song and music video, “Lost in Space,” which was inspired by the ’60s TV show.

Wilkinson, 30, told PEOPLE Now earlier this week that she has “never been more excited for a show” than this week’s two-part finale.

“My producer has the rights to Lost in Space, and he superimposed me into an episode,” she revealed.

But in the clip, Wilkinson is less than thrilled about her look as she compares herself to a frog and complains, “This ain’t cool. I look like a damn green bean right now.”

And to her artistic partners, who can’t help but laugh at her get-up, she has a more direct (and explicit) message: “F— all you guys. F— you, f— you, f— you.”

Kendra on Top wraps up its current season Friday at 9 p.m. ET on WEtv.

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