Kendra Wilkinson's Stepmom-to-Be Gets in Hot Water at the Playboy Mansion Party on 'Kendra on Top'

"I'm gonna drug her and I'm gonna f---ing take her out to the desert and she'll never be seen again," says the former Playboy model of a rowdy new person in her life


If you thought you’d never find anyone wilder than Kendra Wilkinson, you were wrong!

In an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode, the Kendra on Top star gets a late-night call from her dad, Eric Wilkinson, after she and husband Hank Baskett have returned home from the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream party at the Playboy Mansion.

It turns out her future stepmother Amy has gotten into some hot water – and we’re not just talking about Hugh Hefner‘s infamous grotto.

“It appears Amy’s in police custody,” says Eric.

Kendra, 30, looks shocked – though she had noticed that Amy “was wasted when we left, like she’s trying too hard,” she told Baskett.

Prior to hearing news of the arrest, Kendra was already unhappy with the woman her father plans to marry.

“You had the honor and privilege of being with my dad all night, where I had the misery of being with [Amy] all night,” she tells Baskett. “It was brutal, dude, it was brutal.”

Calling the night a “horror story,” Kendra says Amy “wouldn’t leave [her] alone, she was really drunk, just sloppy. It was just wrong.” She adds she had hoped the evening would be a special night with her dad, but “this Amy girl just ruined it.”

“And I thought your dad was the wild one,” Baskett adds with a yawn. “What you’re saying, it sounds like Amy may be the wilder one.”

Kendra responds, “I’m gonna drug her and I’m gonna f—ing take her out to the desert and she’ll never be seen again.”

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