Kendra Wilkinson Swoops to Hef's Defense in Latest Round of 'Playboy' Mud-Slinging

According to the Kendra on Top star, Holly Madison's explosive tell-all is "just out of revenge"

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Holly Madison says she doesn’t miss her onetime pal Kendra Wilkinson? The feeling’s mutual, Wilkinson tells PEOPLE.

The former Holly’s World star came out with guns blazing about Wilkinson, her former Playboy Mansion housemate, and ex Hugh Hefner recently.

But Wilkinson tells PEOPLE Now that Hefner, 89, is right to accuse Madison of rewriting history in Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. What’s more, she believes Madison has an ulterior motive for alleging tales of lies, manipulation and suicidal thoughts at the Playboy Mansion in her new memoir.

Wilkinson says that Madison, now 35, always had an agenda and behaved with an inflated importance during her time at the Playboy Mansion.

“My perception was that she acted like a First Lady,” says the Kendra on Top star, 30. “You know, she had to play a part, play a role every day being there. Like, ‘I have to be this in order to get this.’ ”

Wilkinson adds that her experience was extremely different than Madison’s (“I was there to have a good time!”), but she says that their positions have become “clear as day” over time.

She asks, “How could [Holly] want kids and [to] get married to him and then, next thing you know, say these types of things about Hef? It’s just out of revenge, and I feel bad for Hef. But you know what? He’s an amazing human being.”

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Wilkinson expanded upon her idea that Madison is purely after revenge and shares some harsh theories about her former Girls Next Door costar: “Holly, you can tell, had this ulterior motive every minute being at the Mansion, and that motive was – it was clear as day – she wanted Hef’s kids, she wanted a piece of Playboy and she wanted to marry Hef for, obviously, his will.”

She continues, “That didn’t happen. So what do you think’s going to happen? Revenge. So we’re witnessing some revenge here.”

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