Kendra & Hank: The Reality of Their Marriage in Their Own Words

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, who have been married since 2009, are splitting

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"I want her to enjoy this wedding because if she's happy, I'm happy. That's all that matters." –Hank Baskett told PEOPLE in 2009 about helping Wilkinson balance pregnancy and wedding planning

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"I know what true love is now – and that's, of course, my son and my husband."Kendra Wilkinson, after being voted off Dancing With the Stars in 2011

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"I try to keep my marriage exciting and make sure Hank is happy. He's my support system." –Wilkinson on balancing motherhood and marriage in her 2012 memoir, Being Kendra

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"Right now, we found the key to happiness. We have the key to marriage, we have the key to parenting, why not right now bring a new life into this world while we're this happy? It just makes sense." –Wilkinson told PEOPLE in 2013 about plans for baby number two

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"Every word that came from the tabloids: Boom … boom ... boom. When did he do this? While you were eight months pregnant." –Wilkinson describing how reading about Baskett's indiscretions were "like getting shot" in the season 3 teaser of Kendra on Top

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"I really don't know what to believe. But this is real life. This is really what's happening. It's been the hardest four months of my life." –Wilkinson told PEOPLE in 2014 about Baskett's alleged infidelity

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"You aren't wanted in this house," –Wilkinson, kicking Baskett out of there home in a 2014 episode of Kendra on Top

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"He loves me, and we're going to be together for the rest of our lives. We'll prove it ... until we're 100 years old. We're gonna be together forever." –Wilkinson on her marriage to Baskett during a November 2014 appearance on Access Hollywood Live

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"We're in an amazing place. Everyday is work. We're working on it every single day, and we're both willing to put in the work." –Wilkinson told PEOPLE in May 2015 about signing on for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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"We went in fighting each other, we went out fighting the world. And that's where we remain right now." –Wilkinson on where their marriage stands after appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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"Giving up our marriage and giving up our friendship and our love for each other is not even a question. It's not even a real thing, you know? We fight for each other." –Wilkinson on the couple's decision to stick things out and work through their problems during a July 2015 appearance on PEOPLE Now

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"I'm finding the trust again. And I'm actually very happy Hank went through this now because he's able to teach his son and his daughter what it's like to make a mistake and what you do after making a mistake." –Wilkinson told PEOPLE in July 2015

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"I messed up. I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family." –Baskett told PEOPLE about his cheating scandal in July 2015

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"This is the love of my life ... a true man. I believe in forgiveness, and I believe in him. I take my vows very serious and won't let people's beliefs get in my way of what I know." –Wilkinson defending her decision to reunite with Baskett in a 2015 Instagram post

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"I have done everything to get past what I’ve been through. This was Hank’s moment to have me have fun with him, and he killed it. I’m like, F— this serious bulls—. It’s over."

— Wilkinson, snapping at Baskett during a couple's retreat, on a 2015 episode of Kendra On Top

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"How do you think it makes me feel to be told repeatedly that you don’t want to be married anymore? I’m sitting here doing everything I can to pick up the pieces and fight for our marriage. But it doesn’t seem like it’s ever good enough."

— Wilkinson, during an explosive fight with Baskett, on a 2015 episode of Kendra On Top

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“We’re trying to obviously beat all this to the punch and just teach our kids who we are and show them love and show them happy parents and be as open as we can."

— Wilkinson, on why she's been upfront with her kids about Baskett's sex scandal, on Kocktails with Khloé

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"We poke fun at each other all the time now. Before it was so serious. The drama that we went through just shook us up. It ate us up and spit us out new people. I’m so thankful we both held on."

— Wilkinson, revealing her marriage is better than ever, in a 2016 interview with PEOPLE

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"I put her through the worst moment of her life. I told her, ‘Find out who you are.’ I told her, ‘don’t go cross the line. Because if you cross the line, then I know what you want. It’s not like you get the best of both worlds.' She was hanging out with people. People would text her. But I would rather that than her sneak around and hide things.”

— Baskett, revealing he gave Wilkinson "permission to explore", on Steve Harvey in 2016

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"9 years ago I met the person who would take me all the way to the top and hold me there even during the weakest times. We met that day out on the golf course and knew he was mine. Even with little bump in the road, nothing or nobody can be greater or make me feel more successful than @hank_baskett."

— Wilkinson, celebrating the couple's anniversary in 2017, on Instagram

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"The other day … Hank and I were getting into a little bit of a fight. And I knew I had to go — I had to catch my flight back. I’m like, ‘Hank, can we just have sex please?’ Like in the middle of a fight. I’m like,’ I just need it! As much as I want to fight with you right now, I think I need sex more.’ "

— Wilkinson, on prioritizing intimacy to make their long-distance marriage work, to E! News

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"Yes we are having issues … My job has been reality tv for 13 years 4. My show was a comedy and light hearted til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama. Not what i wanted but was a part of my journey and story."

— Wilkinson, revealing she and Baskett are having marital problems, in a 2018 Instagram post

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“Ten years,” she said, crying. “I did everything I could. It wasn’t good enough. I will always love him and my heart will always remain open for him. I believed in forever, I really did. Guess it’s just not meant to be. I’m so scared, but I have to get strong for my kids — I will. Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me at the moment. Every little ounce of love helps, thank you. I never thought I’d see the day, really."

— Wilkinson, announcing she and Baskett are splitting, on Instagram Story

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