VIDEO: Kendra in the Hot Seat! Hank Can't Get over the Latest Cheating Rumors on 'Kendra on Top'

Kendra's back from London, but she doesn't get the warm welcome she was expecting from her husband


Just when it seemed like Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett had finally put all of those cheating rumors behind them, there’s more trouble brewing in the Baskett household – but this time, it’s Wilkinson who’s in hot water.

In an exclusive sneak peek from Friday’s episode of Kendra on Top, the former Playboy model, 30, has returned home from her trip to London, but Baskett, 32, isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome wagon.

“Hank’s still barely speaking to me ever since getting back from London,” Wilkinson tells the camera. “And I’m like, ‘Snap out of it.’ “

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Baskett is planning to do that any time soon. After Wilkinson mentions that it’s “good to be home,” the former NFL star can’t help but ask his wife the question that’s been on his mind.

“You don’t miss Jimmy yet?” he asks, referring to Jimmy Bullard, and English soccer player and Wilkinson’s former I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! co-star, whom she was photographed with in a compromising position while in London.

Though Wilkinson attempts to laugh off the situation, Baskett isn’t willing to let things go quite so easily: “You laugh about it like you really don’t care that it upsets me, and that’s what gets me.”

And while Wilkinson tries to defend herself, claiming the kiss was just how people in Europe greet each other, Baskett is not having any of it.

“Don’t give me excuses when I have to beg for a hug or a kiss,” he tells her. “I have to beg you to even send me a text message!”

He doesn’t stop there: “We have come so far, but with s— like this, it just seems like you want to punish me some more.”

Wilkinson’s response to Baskett’s frustrated pleas? Well, she simply tell him he needs to “get over this” and walks away laughing which may have been the wrong move, based on how upset Baskett still seems about the whole situation.

Looks like playing with fire got a little more dangerous that Wilkinson anticipated.

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