The model, her DJ friend Daniel Chetrit and Apple are being sued by a Los Angeles based art collective for trademark infringement

Kendall Jenner is facing legal action over Pizza Boys.

The owner of Los Angeles brand and worldwide art collective Pizzaboyzzz, Robert Karageuzian, has sued the 22-year-old model, her DJ friend Daniel Chetrit and Apple over their new Beats 1 radio show for trademark infringement, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

“We wanted the defendants to stop using the mark and to assure us they wouldn’t use the mark,” Karageuzian’s lawyer, Sam P. Israel, tells PEOPLE. “What we asked for was a writing from them that would say they wouldn’t use the mark and that they would destroy any merchandise that bore the mark, and they wouldn’t do it, so we went ahead and filed suit.”

Credit: Kevin Mazur/VF18/WireImage

Israel says that they will either move to get a temporary restraining order or wait to see if Jenner, Chetrit and Apple will reach out and acknowledge in writing that they will not use the mark.

“If they don’t, then we’ll take it to the next step like any other lawsuit,” he says. “We’ll either seek a TRO or it’ll be their move to answer the complaint.”

Representatives for Jenner and Apple did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

According to the court filing, Karageuzian claims in the suit that “already, the Internet is rife with complaints by customers who are confused by the nearly identical marks,” and that Pizza Boys has “exploited” Pizzaboyzzz’s “unique themes, content and lifestyle.”

Karageuzian asks for an injunction that would prohibit Jenner and Chetrit’s use of the Pizza Boys name as it’s a “confusingly similar mark.” He also asks for an award of damages suffered by Pizzaboyzzz as a result of Pizza Boy’s alleged infringement of the trademark plus any profits they’ve collected so far.

Israel previously told PEOPLE that Karageuzian has held the Pizzaboyzzz trademark since at least as early as February 19, 2015. Pizza Boys was launched on Apple Music on April 13 during Coachella weekend and is described as a “living room pizza party” hosted by Jenner, Chetrit and their friends. During the annual festival, Pizza Boys apparel was sold.

In February 2017, Jenner explained to PEOPLE that Pizza Boys is “the DJ/friend group I’m part of” — prior to the creation of the radio show or any of its related merchandise.

This new suit comes almost a year after she and her sister Kylie Jenner were sued by a photographer for using his Tupac photos on their line of “vintage” tees. The suit was dropped on April 5.