Kendall Jenner did her best to avoid paparazzi as she touched down in Paris on Wednesday

By Char Adams
April 06, 2017 08:48 AM

Kendall Jenner shielded her face with her arm in Paris Wednesday as she touched down amid fallout from Pepsi’s controversial, protest-themed ad in which she starred as a soda-wielding demonstrator.

The 21-year-old model wore a a large, gray sweatshirt and black leggings as she made her way through the airport in France.

Although Jenner has attempted to lay low in the wake of the controversy — even pulling removing her Pepsi-related tweets from social media — a source previously told PEOPLE that the model isn’t brushing it off, and is likely calling on her mom Kris Jenner for damage control.

Credit: AKM-GSI

“Kendall would have been absolutely mortified,” the source said of Jenner’s reaction. “Anything offensive is just not her. She means well, always.”

The insider added: “She would have called Kris SO upset and freaking out. And then Kris would go into mom mode and approach it like, ‘Let’s do something about this, NOW.’ ”

In the advertisement, titled “Live For Now Moments Anthem,” Jenner ditches a photo shoot to join protesters in the street.The ad culminates with Jenner handing a Pepsi can to a police officer, who pops the top, takes a swig, and is met with inexplicable roars of approval from the marchers.

Pepsi has apologized for the ad that many have called “tone deaf,” and even offered an apology to model. However, many have criticized the move, noting that Jenner was a willing participant in the commercial.