Ken Todd Says Wife Lisa Vanderpump May Never Ride a Horse Again After Broken Leg

Lisa Vanderpump broke her leg in three places after a fall from her horse on Sunday

Lisa Vanderpump Ken Todd
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Lisa Vanderpump may not be getting back in the saddle…ever.

After falling off her horse and breaking her leg over the weekend, Vanderpump's husband said Ken Todd gave an update on how she's doing — and said the incident has prompted her to put her horseback riding days behind her.

"I think maybe that was her last ride," he told TMZ. "I would never ride again. This is our horse, a gentle, gentle horse. Cabala horse — perfect, perfect. He was amazing. Something spooked him, and you never know when that's gonna happen."

Though the incident was scary, Todd confirmed that the couple would not be taking any legal action due to the fall. "It's one of those things that happens in life," he said.

When asked if the horse would be put down, Todd said "No way! She loves that horse."

Vanderpump, 61, was thrown from the horse on Sunday. Todd confirmed Vanderpump broke her leg in three places — as opposed to initial reports that it was fractured in two places — and was undergoing surgery on Tuesday. The procedure involved "plates and screws" and was expected to send Vanderpump into eight to 10 weeks of recovery.

Lisa Vanderpump
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Just seconds after the accident, Vanderpump knew she'd been badly injured, Todd said. "I was there. When I saw her thrown off, I couldn't believe it," he said. "I was in shock. I ran over there and she was just on the floor. And she knew that she'd broken her leg straight away."

He added that the restauranter kept repeating "I've broken my leg."

Vanderpump was hospitalized ahead of the surgery, though Todd said she'd be sent home just hours after the Tuesday procedure.

Vanderpump has not yet addressed the injury directly.

Just a few weeks before she broke her leg, Vanderpump shared that she'd tested positive for COVID. "Agh it finally got me…#covid_19," she said on Instagram alongside a photo of her Bitmoji.

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