Kelly Travis: Juan Pablo Galavis Could Easily Have His Heart Broken

Worst-case scenario? Picking someone who's "just there for a joyride," she says

Photo: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Atlanta dog lover Kelly Travis is trying to find more than puppy love with Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor. But the first two weeks of competition were sometimes ruff.

During a press call on Thursday, Travis, 27, recounted how her first date required her to don a bald cap and body paint to look like the calendar shoot‘s ugly mutt, and how the ex-soccer pro peeped her sans makeup when he arrived unexpectedly early to fix the ladies breakfast.

She also explained why she wants to be this man’s best friend first, which ladies are barking up the wrong tree, and just how much Victoria’s drunken bark bites.

With "dog lover" as your job description, some people are having a hard time taking you seriously.
I think it was supposed to be funny. I didn’t think viewers would assume I’m unemployed. I do business development for a construction company. Because I’m passionate about animal rescue and know I have a great job that I’m good at, it doesn’t bother me.

How did your dog wind up coming on the show with you?
It came up in casting. Producers asked what I was hesitant about. I didn’t want to board my dog for nine weeks, so I jokingly said, “Can I bring my dog?” They said, “Sure.” I didn’t realize that no one had ever brought a dog on, or that it was going to be such a big deal.

How did the other women react to a canine roomie?
The girls loved her. She’s a great dog. She did great in the house. There were girls who were jealous. Chelsie loves her dog and throws it birthday parties, and she told me she wished she had her dog. Two girls weren’t dog people, which I understand, but after night two in the house, everyone adored her. She makes it feel like a home.

Did Molly like Juan Pablo?
Every time he comes to the house, she greets him, jumps on his leg and wags her tail. He says hello to her. It’s cute. Dogs are good judges of character, and she likes him, so that’s good.

Were you worried that your hairless-pooch calendar-shoot costume would make it hard for Juan Pablo to see the sexy?
Oh, the dog costume! Juan Pablo shared a story about how he had been put in a bald cap so he made it comfortable. I’m very easygoing. It was not a big issue. There were definitely worse costumes. I’d rather be painted than nude.

But then the next week, he popped in to cook breakfast at the mansion and caught you without makeup.
I had an eye injury and couldn’t wear contacts. I had on glasses. I don’t like myself in glasses. I go downstairs to let Molly out, and he was making breakfast. He was like, “Good morning,” and I was running outside [trying to figure out] how to sneak upstairs to put on makeup.

It was such a sweet gesture. I felt like such a jerk. But typically, in the real world, after one date, I wouldn’t let someone see me without makeup. I wouldn’t let a guy see me that early without getting ready. You’re still trying to impress. It was not ideal, but if he can get past those two things, we have something to work with.

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Is this an insecurity issue for you?
I don’t look like a totally different person without makeup. But my grandmother is very Southern and old-fashioned, and she always said, “Never let a man see you without your face on.” That was ingrained in me growing up. I feel like if they are taking the time to take me on a date, I should take the time to get ready. It threw me for a loop.

Did you sense that good looks were most important to him?
Men are visual creatures, so it plays a part, but I didn’t get that vibe. He tried to get to know us on a deeper level, and some gorgeous girls went home night one.

What is Juan Pablo’s best quality? Worst?
His best quality is he’s extremely fair. He made sure we all got time with him. His worst quality is that there is a little bit of a language barrier. I joke all the time, and I had to explain some of my jokes. That didn’t work in my favor.

I thought he would be more serious based on Des’s season. He has this outgoing personality. The first night, we had a photo booth and a dance party, and that’s who he is. He’s very relaxed, easygoing, stays out of the drama.

Do you think he’s sincere in his quest for love?
Yes. He’s a very genuine person. He has passion for everything he does. He made it very clear that he was there to find a wife and a stepmother for his daughter. Camila is the biggest part of his life, and every time he talks about her, his face lights up. He’s putting himself and his daughter out there. [If he ended] up with someone who was just there for a joyride, he’d definitely get his heart broken.

Are all the women ready to be stepmoms and moms?
The only one I question as mom material is Lucy. It’s hard to take Lucy seriously because she made a comment that she doesn’t know how she would be a mother when she acts like a child herself. She’s the only one where you get the sense of “Hmm, why are you here?” But she’s a character, the last unicorn, so he was probably intrigued at first.

There are some young girls in the house, but the youngest, Cassandra, is already a mother. The other girls are very mature for their age, with the exception of one. I can only go off what they say, but when I talked to them, that seems like what they want.

At this point in the process, did you think he was the one?
I don’t believe in love at first sight. I move slower than, say, a Clare. I need more than just a few one-on-ones to say, “This is husband material.” That’s just not how I’m wired. He’s fun, and I want a deeper connection, but I’m not head over heels at that point.

I went in trying to create a friendship first, because for me, relationships start with laughing and friendship. But this show can work and bring people together who may not have found each other otherwise. Crazier things have happened.

Who are the front-runners?
Sharleen. There’s definitely some chemistry between them. She got the first-impression rose, and he’s intrigued by her. She’s a very classy girl and the epitome of a woman. Clare got the first one-on-one date. There’s an initial attraction there.

Anyone you didn’t worry about at all?
I didn’t think Lucy was competition at all. Lauren S., because she is so quiet and awkward around him. Elise. I didn’t see a connection.

And Victoria took herself out.
Victoria had been drinking all day. She was very loud. In my head, I envisioned that happening, but not to that extent. It was like a light switch. One minute she was being the loud drunk girl, and the next she was throwing stuff and crying.

Watching, it didn’t look as bad as it actually was. Worst drunk mess I have ever seen. A disaster. I don’t know how she didn’t wake up with the worst hangover.

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