Mark Consuelos introduced the world to his mustache while helping his wife Kelly Ripa co-host Live with Kelly & Ryan on Tuesday

By Robyn Merrett
April 22, 2020 05:36 PM
Credit: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Like father, like son!

On Wednesday, Kelly Ripa highlighted the uncanny resemblance her husband Mark Consuelos and his father Saul Consuelos share when she posted a side-by-side photo of the men both sporting mustaches.

In addition to the facial hair, Consuelos, 49, and his father flashed closed-mouth smiles while also both wearing black shirts.

Ripa, 49, even edited Saul’s photo to show him with an airpod in his ear.

“1966 vs. today. @Instauelos the daddy doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Ripa sweetly captioned the post, adding two Mexican flag emojis.

Consuelos first introduced the world to his mustache while helping Ripa co-host Live with Kelly & Ryan on Monday.

“You know my dad had a mustache,” Consuelos said, “And he still does. Growing up, I think he shaved it once and my mom made him grow it back,” the actor shared. “Because he had a lot of space between his nose and his top lip.”

Ripa said that she doesn’t mind the quarantine ‘stache: “I can take it or leave it, I like it both ways.”

His kids, however, are a tougher sell. “They say I look like an aging porn star,” Consuelos told viewers.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
| Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty

Of course, Consuelos isn’t the only one in his household who has switched up their looks while social distancing amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Also during Monday’s at-home episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa revealed that she cut her hair with kitchen scissors while cooped up inside.

“I’m not going to lie, I cut my own hair,” Ripa told Consuelos, who was stepping in for Ripa’s co-host, Ryan Seacrest.

“I used kitchen scissors, we obviously don’t have haircutting scissors. I cut my own hair. I didn’t cut bangs, because that’s—”

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Consuelos interjected, “I would have stopped you.”

The Riverdale star admitted he was a little nervous about his wife’s DIY haircut because she used large scissors they had lying around the house instead of a sharp pair designed for styling.

“I didn’t say anything, but I was ready to jump in case you went across the bang,” he added.

Aside from her at-home trim, the TV personality has also discussed her hair coloring situation — specifically her gray roots — several times over the past few weeks. On the contrary, Ripa revealed that her husband, “doesn’t have a gray hair on his head.”

“Anybody that follows me on Instagram knows that [my hair] is sprayed,” the star continued, referencing the #RootWatch weekly updates on her Instagram Stories. “And you can kind of see it forcing. It wants to show you. It wants you to see the reality. There, I did it.”