Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Solve 'Just About Almost Every' Problem with 'Love and Sexy Time'

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married since 1996 and share three children together

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos . Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are sharing their tips for a long — and happy — romance.

The couple, who have been married since 1996, opened up about their relationship during Monday's episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, where Mark, 50, was filling in for Ryan Seacrest as guest co-host.

While discussing the new HBO series Scenes from a Marriage, Ripa, 50, said her love life with Mark is much different from what the characters in the miniseries — which follows a couple struggling to keep their relationship intact — experience.

"I was like, none of this would ever be happening in the Mark Consuelos household, because he would have nipped all of this in the bud immediately," Ripa said, referring to the second episode of Scenes from a Marriage.

While series stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac deal with tension and conflict in their fictional marriage, Ripa said she and her husband are quick to resolve any issues that come their way.

"He would have been like, 'Oh, you're upset? I know how to take care of that. Oh, you don't feel good about something? I'll take care of that. Oh, you're feeling like maybe you're overworked? I got you. I know what you need,' " Ripa explained.

Spilling more details to the audience, Ripa added, "Because everything for Mark is settled with, everything is settled with —" before her husband cut in to add, "Love."

Ripa corrected him, telling viewers, "Love and sexy time."

While Mark was quick to clarify that "not everything" can be solved that way, Ripa cheekily added, "Just about almost everything."

Ripa and Mark met on the set of the soap opera All My Children in 1995 and married the next year. They share three children: sons Michael, 24, and Joaquin, 18, and daughter Lola, 20.

Michael Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Michael, who co-starred with his father on Riverdale, recently said he views his parents as "relationship goals."

"One hundred percent they're relationship goals, and it's weird because I've been with them the longest," he told Entertainment Tonight, noting his age as the oldest of the couples' three children. "Not a year after they were married, about a year, then I came into the picture. So we kind of grew up together, at least that's how I see it."

Michael added that he admires his parents beyond their love for each other, and looks up to them as role models.

"They're great, not just in like a relationship sense, but they're great role models," he told ET. "I try to conduct myself the way I think they would."

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