Kelly Ripa: No, It Wasn't Morning Sickness

She is back on the air – insisting she's not pregnant – following her illness

Video courtesy Buena Vista Entertainment

After falling ill during Tuesday’s show, Kelly Ripa returned to Live with Regis & Kelly on Wednesday, only to have Regis Philbin suggest she’d had a bout of morning sickness and a heckler compare her to Marie Osmond.

“I’ve got my own theories, and let me tell you: She’s pregnant again!” Philbin joked at the beginning of the program, adding, “I’ve been through it twice now!”

Ripa, 37, was quick to squash that rumor. “No, no,” she said. “That would be nice, though. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

She then had to deal with an audience member who jokingly shouted out, “OK, Marie!” – a reference to Marie Osmond, who collapsed during a taping of Dancing With the Stars this season.

“The lady’s calling me Marie Osmond!” Ripa said. “Thank you, ma’am! It’s nice to get heckled the day after I recover.”

Ripa had a more sympathetic audience the night before, she said, as her parents took care of her. (Before she got sick, her husband, Mark Consuelos, returned from the Live set in the Bahamas to New York.)

“My parents, who are sitting here in the second row, took care of me all night,” Ripa said. “They gave me cold compresses and nice hot tea, and they really took care of me. There’s nothing like your parents taking care of you when you’re not feeling well.”

Ripa won’t be on the air on Thursday, however. Immediately after Tuesday’s program, Philbin taped a second show with wife Joy as co-host.

“Tomorrow, Joy will be here, and you won’t, and they’ll say, ‘My God, she really is pregnant!’ ” Philbin said.

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