"It's a cliché, but beauty is really something that comes from the inside," says Mark Consuelos

Their parents are both superstars, but for Michael, Lola and Joaquin Consuelos — the kids of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos — mom and dad are simply the people who know best. Sometimes, anyway.

“What is the one thing I’ve always told you?” Ripa asked Lola when the whole family sat down with PEOPLE for this year’s Beautiful Issue. When Lola searched for the answer, Ripa interjected: “Never touch your eyebrows! I have always told you never to touch your eyebrows, and you never have, and I’m so right about that.”

Lola, 17, who also followed her mom’s makeup advice that “less is more”— “Although sometimes I look back on pictures of myself from eighth grade and think, oh, I just did not get it at all,” said Lola — is nevertheless resisting another beauty tip from mom.

From left: Michael Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Lola Consuelos, Joaquin Consuelos and Mark Consuelos
| Credit: Miller Mobley

“She wants me to cut my hair into a bob. Never happening,” Lola insisted.

“You’ve had hair that short before and it looked so cute!” persisted Ripa, 48, the star of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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“When I was 4, mom. I had that cut when I was 4. So it’s happened. And it’s not happening again,” Lola explained.

Michael, 21, has also learned a thing or two from his dad, Riverdale star Mark, 48, who taught both of his sons how to shave (Ripa caught those moments on tape).

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Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa with their sons Michael and Joaquin and daughter Lola
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“I was off at school,” said Michael, a rising senior in college. “And I get this call: ‘Mike. There’s a pair of jeans here. And … they’ve been washed, Michael. Washed and dried. Do you know what happened here?’ So that’s how I learned …”

“You don’t wash denim,” Mark concluded, before adding, “But that wasn’t the only problem with that situation, Michael. What was the other problem? They were my jeans. You did that to my jeans!”

Denim fiascos and haircut refusals aside, both Ripa and Mark are proud of the way their children have remained immune to the artifice of stardom.

“It’s a cliché, but beauty is really something that comes from the inside,” Mark explained. “And our kids get that.” Added Ripa, “They’ve been to enough photo shoots and been on Instagram long enough to know how much can be faked and filtered and altered and so they aren’t fooled by what a picture tells you you should look like. That’s not real beauty.”

All three kids have made their parents proud as they have grown into adults. Michael “has the strongest moral compass of anyone I’ve ever known,” said Ripa. “He is just such a good and decent and thoroughly kind person.”

Credit: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Lola, 17, is “the funniest, hands down” said her older brother, to which the whole family agreed. “She is just so smart and witty and funny, and she just gets it, you know? Lola knows exactly what people are about and how to handle herself in any situation,” said Mark.

And Joaquin, 16, is “the hardest working, but without complaint,” said Mark. Ripa added, “He’s the kid who will have homework over the weekend and come in and get right to it on a Friday, because he wants to have time to focus on it and get it right.”

But Joaquin could probably still use a little help in the style department. Asked who is the most likely in the family to wear the same shirt three days in a row, the answer was unanimous.

“Joaquin,” said Lola. “And I’ve seen you do it.”

“Or maybe I just have several copies of the same shirt,” her little brother said with a sly smile.