To be fair, we'd be flustered if Ripa asked us the same question

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper were guests on Watch What Happens Live! Tuesday, and decided to play a game. They wanted see which one of them could fluster the other one first.

Ripa won, and it was barely a fair contest.

“Are you circumcised?” Ripa asked Cooper within a few seconds of starting the game. That question is awkward enough already, but the fact the pair are standing directly in front of one another with their hands on each other’s shoulders really compounds things. “You’ve flustered me!” Anderson conceded.

“That was crazy,” host Andy Cohen chimes in, apparently unaware of the well-documented “no rules” clause in a fluster contest. (Everyone knows that.)

Cooper and Ripa are good friends. He’s actually guest-hosting Live with Kelly and Michael this week, and while his stint on the show has featured some odd moments – ventriloquist dummies of the pair, for instance – their banter has veered a little more PG than this.