Kelly Ripa breaks her foot in a freak dance class accident

By Alexandra Hurtado
Updated July 30, 2015 02:05 PM
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s watch your step.

Kelly Ripa debuted her latest accessories – a boot and crutches – for her broken foot on Live! with Kelly and Michael on Thursday morning. The petite star, 44, apparently got off on the wrong foot during a dance class, which resulted in four bones breaking off.

“I’m like, ‘Maybe nobody will notice,’ ” Ripa told her co-host Michael Strahan. “My dream was that nobody would notice.”

Recalling the freak accident with an unattended weight on the floor, the 44-year-old host said, “I did a jump and in my mind, I am an incredible dancer, graceful as can be, and I landed on the weight and my foot went over and under the weight.”

“It sounded like bubble wrap,” she added.

Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, accompanied his injured wife to the hospital, where he seemed to take enjoyment in the situation while filming her in a wheelchair.

“In 21 years, he’s never felt the need to photograph me, videotape me – when I have full hair and makeup, nothing,” she said. “Yesterday, he was like Scavullo. He followed me around with a camera. He was never more alive.”

She added, “He loved this moment of suffering.”

Thankfully for Ripa, her injury does not require surgery, but instead a boot for six weeks. However, she’s giving it three weeks, explaining that she “[doesn’t] plan on being in this thing that long.”

Here’s hoping. Get well soon, Kelly!