Kelly Osbourne Gives Update on Mom Sharon's Back Surgery: 'She's Doing Really Well'

On Wednesday, Sharon went in for back surgery to repair a pinched nerve

Sharon Osbourne is undergoing back surgery.

On Wednesday, her daughter Kelly appeared on The Talk via video to give an update from the hospital, and assured everyone that the television host was going to be just fine. Sharon went in for back surgery in order to repair a pinched nerve, which she opened up about last week on the show.

“Mom’s in surgery she’s doing really well,” Kelly said to her mom’s co-hosts. “Thanks everybody for their love and support. Thanks to the hospital because they’ve been doing such amazing work. Thank you. Thank you. And trust me, she’s gonna be fine.”

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During last week’s show, Sharon, 64, revealed to viewers that she’s been in intense pain and that surgery was in her near future as physical therapy wasn’t helping her back.

“I have a trapped nerve in my back and it’s killing me,” she said. “I had to have — what is it when you have a baby? An epidural. There was no baby, but I had an epidural and I woke up to no baby, just a bad back… That’s why I wasn’t in last week.”

She went on to say that, “I wait another week and if it hasn’t fixed it then I have to have surgery.”

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