Kelly Osbourne Calls Bruno 'Shock Jock' of 'DWTS'

"I thought that Bruno was really harsh on Michael Bolton, but when you watch it you can understand why," she says

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

Bruno Tonioli is garnering some unexpected support from a gal he once described as “beige” – Kelly Osbourne.

“I thought that Bruno was really harsh on Michael Bolton,” the DWTS alum says of the judge’s tough critique of the crooner’s jive, “but when you watch it you can understand why he was really harsh.”

Apparently, having your mother in the audience isn’t going to buy you any sympathy votes as far as Osbourne is concerned.

“[Bruno’s] a judge, and that’s what he gets paid to do.” Osbourne, 25, noted Friday while attending Teen Vogue‘s Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles. “He’s the shock jock of the judging panel. Yes, he was hard, but don’t go on a show where you have to judge if you don’t want to be judged!”

And with the first two weeks of the season delivering a Bolton being hassled and a Hasslehoff bolting, even Osbourne is torn as to whom she wants to see dance away with the mirror ball trophy.

It was only a week ago that Kelly pledged a soft spot for Bristol Palin, but loyalties change as rapidly as a quick step on the DWTS parquet, and Osbourne has surprised even herself in her support for the dancing dark-horse, Margaret Cho.

“I have to say that I’m now voting for Margaret, and it’s not just because she’s Louis’ partner,” Osbourne says with a laugh. “I think that she is what the show is all about, she’s there because she wants to learn how to dance.”

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