Kelly Osbourne: Bristol Palin May Win 'DWTS'

The season-nine runner-up says Palin "is going to give everyone a run for his or her money"

Photo: Courtesy The Ellen Show

When it comes to taking home the mirror-ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, family matters shouldn’t matter – at least according to season-nine runner-up Kelly Osbourne.

Osbourne, who has already voiced her soft spot for season-11 underdog Bristol Palin, is telling voters to leave mother Sarah out of the equation when they cast their vote.

“I really feel like Bristol Palin is going to give everyone a run for his or her money,” Osbourne, 26, tells Ellen DeGeneres on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I have to say this you have to separate the person from the family. She’s out there and she’s trying.”

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While she’s not banking on Bristol – or any other contestant – Osbourne does say she thinks Dirty Dancing Jennifer Grey will also make it to the final round.

“You never know with that show,” Osbourne says, recalling her own dance-floor days. “It’s crazy you don’t always see what the people see at home and why they vote.”

Something she is sure about? Osbourne says she’s ready to see a same-sex couple hit the parquet, and she’d love to root for DeGeneres’s wife, Portia de Rossi, already rumored to be at “the top” of the producers’ list to appear in an upcoming season.

“[Dancing is] not a romantic thing,” DeGeneres says in response to the gossip. “It’s an art form and in dancing it doesn’t matter. We are just so used to seeing a man and woman dancing together I don’t know if she is going to do it or not. She won’t tell me. We’ll find out.”

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