"Maybe I'll go back one day, I don't know," said Kelly Carlson, who now lives in San Diego with her husband, Dan Stanchfield
Kelly Carlson
Credit: Kelly Carlson/instagram

Kelly Carlson is discussing her decision to leave acting and say goodbye to Hollywood.

During an Instagram Live earlier this month, the Nip/Tuck star opened up about why she left her career in entertainment — and revealed that she may be open to returning someday.

When a fan asked Carlson, "Are you still acting? And if not, why did you decide to give it up?" the actress confirmed, "I'm not acting right now."

As to why she's no longer in the business, the 44-year-old actress, who played Kimber Henry on the Ryan Murphy-created drama, explained that she and her husband, Dan Stanchfield, relocated from Los Angeles to San Diego because of his work.

"Why am I not acting? Not for any reason, really. Just that we live far away. I need to be in L.A. and we're not for my husband's work, which is down — he's in the Navy, so we're way down in southern San Diego. And that's kind of it," she said.

Kelly Carlson
Kelly Carlson and her husband Dan Stanchfield
| Credit: Kelly Carlson/instagram

Carlson — whose Instagram biography reads, "former actress of TV and Film and now Navy wife" — went on to assure that "nothing bad happened or anything like that. I loved it, loved my life up there."

She further shared that her husband "has a business where we kind of need to be out of the city too and so now he's the star of the family and I'm the manager wife. Am I not?" she asked Stanchfield, who was watching from behind the camera and is also a survival instructor, according to his Instagram. "Yeah, exactly."

"It was just a decision, right, so that's all," said Carlson.

But her decision to exit Tinseltown may not last forever.

"Maybe I'll go back one day, I don't know," she said.

"I'm open," said Carlson. "I'm kind of a free spirit. I kind of am, and I'm kind of not. But I'm always up for new experiences. And Dan is such a great guy, I'm not gonna say no," she said with a smile. "Yeah, you don't say no to this kind. No, no. You make adjustments."

"And it's not that he asked me to leave. He didn't at all. It was like I saw a lot of value in what he was doing and so I said we have to go do it," said Carlson. "And so we moved."

Kelly Carlson
Kelly Carlson and Dan Stanchfield
| Credit: Kelly Carlson/instagram

Also during the "Nip/Tuck Q&A," Carlson admitted that she was upset her character was killed off of the FX series, which ran for six seasons from 2003-10.

"Was I upset [Kimber] was killed off? I mean, of course, a little bit," she told fans. "But I also knew she needed somewhat of a dramatic departure."

"I will say this: she didn't leave the show, because she came back in dream form," she continued. "And you know in TV, if you don't see a body, they can always come back. Not that Ryan had any plans of returning at all."

But if the show were to return, she thinks it would be a "mistake" if Kimber wasn't part of it.

"I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, and I'm sorry if it does. ... I think it would be a mistake not to ever bring Kimber back if they did that," said Carlson. "I do. Yeah, that's my ego a little bit. But I don't think Ryan would do that. So, if that makes you feel better. Too many people were invested in Kimber and Christian."