Keke Palmer Says She Turned Down Mike Johnson's Date Offer Because She Felt 'Ambushed'

Mike Johnson asked out Keke Palmer during a live episode of Strahan, Sara and Keke this week

Keke Palmer has her reasons for turning down Bachelorette star Mike Johnson.

Just days after Monday’s episode of the Strahan, Sara and Keke portion of Good Morning America, when Johnson unexpectedly asked Palmer on a date, the Hustlers star, 26, has shared her feelings on the surprising moment.

The show co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines followed up on Johnson’s offer during Wednesday’s episode, asking Palmer for her final answer about the date.

“No,” the actress was quick to reply.

“Well, first of all, I get real spooked about entertainers or reality [stars] … I don’t know, it really scares me to date people in the industry. That’s number one,” she explained.

“Number two, he asked me in front of everybody,” which she admitted made her feel “ambushed.”

“I felt like it was a big ol’ gag,” she added of Johnson’s unforeseen question.

“I felt like I was the gag, I’ve been duped!” she laughed.

Johnson was also quick to respond about his bold actions on Monday’s show.

The reality star, 31, tweeted to “those with untrue assumptions” Tuesday, hoping to set the record straight about his time on the Good Morning America segment.

He simply “made a playful comment,” Johnson explained of his offer to Palmer, adding “I love black women too.”

The reality star’s interest in Palmer came shortly after he and Demi Lovato had gone on multiple dates — which a sourced confirmed to PEOPLE is now “done.”

“I made a mistake, I don’t like dating in public,” Johnson told the co-hosts of Strahan Sara and Keke Monday. He then turned to Palmer and asked, “But, if I were to ask you, if we could go on a date …?”

Palmer’s eyes opened wide in surprise as Strahan and Haines turned their faces away, trying to hold back their laughter. “What’s the next question?” she asked them.

“Michael, you’ve got the next question!” she said.

“What’s that? I didn’t hear nothing. He lost me when he asked you out for a date,” Strahan, 47, said. “What did you say? Yes or no?”

Palmer avoided the question, and Strahan ended up giving Johnson a warning: “Mike, I’m going to tell you something, right. Demi is my girl, I love this one here, too. Now, you mess up, I’m coming for you.”

“You guys are embarrassing me,” Palmer said. Haines, 42, then chimed in, saying, “We approve, Keke.”

As the audience cheered, Palmer declared she wouldn’t be answering the question because she was on the job.

“Ladies, I’m at work. I’m at work, guys. Go ahead,” she said, gesturing to Strahan to ask the next question. “I’m at work.”

Strahan, Sara and Keke airs at 1 p.m ET on ABC.

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