By People Staff
January 25, 2010 12:00 AM
Deano/Splash News Online

In November, Kim Kardashian shared with PEOPLE a photo of the black eye she sustained during a bout in the boxing ring, and this week, viewers got a chance to witness the action for themselves.

After Kim, Khloe and Kourtney failed to attend a charity dinner to honor Bruce by the Boys & Girls Club, he decided to teach the kids a lesson in giving back, and organized a charity boxing match in which fans bid for a chance to be in the ring with their favorite Kardashian. The event benefited The Dream Foundation, a national non-profit wish-granting organization for adults with terminal illness. Rob, Scott, and Khloe enthusiastically agreed to participate, but Kim needed convincing, and even attempted to buy her way out of the competition before finally agreeing to pitch in. Unlike her athletic siblings, the girly-girl proved a difficult learner, and considered faking her own knockout to prevent having to fight — until she met Carol Ann Lis, a fan battling cancer who traveled to the event just to cheer on Kim.

Kicking off the night, 60-year-old Bruce stepped into the ring to face a much younger opponent. With his family looking on worriedly, the former Olympian proved he hadn’t lost his touch, and knocked out his opponent in only two rounds. “I’m feeling 25-years-old again, and pretty darn strong,” he said.

Next up was Rob, who went up against an opponent 22 lbs. heavier than him, despite regulations prohibiting such a difference in size. Wasting no time, his challenger quickly came after Rob, and even continued throwing punches at him when his headgear popped off, grounds for being disqualified. “I do not know what’s up with this dude,” said Rob. “This is supposed to be for charity, and the guy’s like coming at me, with full force like trying to just rip my head off.”

After being knocked to the ground, Rob’s match was called, and the injured star was escorted out while his opponent continued threatening him from the ring and audience members began heckling the Kardashian clan. “I am stopping this right now because obviously the who came to fight us want to hurt us,” Kris said.

Having seen her brother’s fight gone awry, Kim was ready to throw in the towel, but decided against it when she remembered her loyal fan. “Carol Ann is sitting in the audience, fighting for her life,” she said. “I just can’t stop thinking about how I don’t want to let her down.”

Kim entered the ring for the final match of the night and was almost immediately pummeled by her competitor. “This girl is pounding on me, and I’m starting to get angry,” she said. But in the second round, the timid star fought back, drawing the support of the crowd and the approval of her family.

“I’m really impressed,” Khloe said. “Kim looks aggressive out there; she’s defending herself.” After two rounds, the match was decided by the judges’ scorecard, and with a final tally of 20-18, Kim found herself on the losing end. “I’m still so proud of myself for just going in there and holding my own,” she said. Sadly, Kim’s inspiration, Carol Ann, passed away soon after the boxing event, and the episode was dedicated in her honor. –Kiran Hefa

Tell us: What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by Kim’s boxing skills? Should there have been consequences for Rob’s competitor?Deano/Splash News Online