By People Staff
December 21, 2009 12:00 AM

Kris found herself getting into all sorts of drama this week after a friend passed along some male enhancement pills. Feeling what can only be described as romantic (we think), she decided to slip one into Bruce‘s coffee without telling him. And it worked! The spouses ended up spending the afternoon locked in their bedroom instead of taking Rob, Kylie and Kendall to the mall as promised, prompting Rob to quip, “You guys are bad .”

But Kris’ experiment soon went awry when Rob accidentally drank Bruce’s coffee one morning, and was almost sent to the emergency room with an unexplained erection.

Figuring out what must’ve happened, Kris was forced to admit to Bruce she’d been spiking his coffee … with Khloe, Scott and Rob all witnessing the scene. Stunned by another of Kris’ schemes, Bruce bluntly told his wife, “This is about as dumb as you’ve gotten so far.” Despite his mishap, Rob was still able to find the funny in the situation, and later teased Kris about her misguided decision with a well-placed cucumber.

The Heart of the Matter In other family drama, Kourtney told her mom she was done hanging around Khloe in the aftermath of “Slapgate,” forcing the Kardashian matriarch to play mediator between her feuding daughters. When confronted about the altercation, Khloe lost her temper again — and Kris stormed out, warning Khloe she’d better learn to control her anger. Knowing she needed to apologize so everyone could move on, Khloe paid a visit to Kourtney and Scott‘s condo … but things didn’t go as planned when Scott called her out for not taking full responsibility for her actions. “You are disgusting, and you’re going way too overboard,” Khloe screamed back.

Group Hugs After Kris and Kim heard about the trio’s second blow-up, they sat Khloe down and suggested she go to anger management class. Khloe reluctantly agreed, and forced Kim to accompany her. During a role-playing exercise where she had to vocalize what about Scott upset her, Khloe eventually admitted, “I feel like he’s taking my sister away from me.” With her newfound knowledge, Khloe finally apologized, coming clean about what was really bothering her. Overhearing their reconciliation from the kitchen, Kourtney then joined her boyfriend and sister in a group hug. … – Kiran Hefa

Tell us: Whose revelation was more embarrassing — Rob’s accidental erection or Kris spiking Bruce’s coffee? Are you glad Khloe made peace with Scott and Kourtney?