By People Staff
Updated December 28, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage; Albert Michael/Startraks

Kim Kardashian found herself in hot water after her “white lies” started taking a toll on her family members. Joining Kourtney and Kris for lunch, Kim kept the pair waiting for over 30 minutes. When she finally arrived, Kris realized Kim’s nails were wet, and said, “You made us sit here waiting for you while you got a manicure.” But Kim refused to accept her lying was a problem, saying that if she could keep from hurting someone’s feelings, then “it’s easier just to not really all the way tell the truth.”

Her lying came to a head when she forgot to take Kylie and Kendall to the beach, and instead of telling the truth, called to say she sprained her ankle while running. The girls and Bruce later drove out to Kim’s condo to see how she’s doing, even bringing her flowers, but caught her unloading shopping bags from her car. Having had enough of the lies, Kendall smashed the flowers on the ground and headed back to the car with Kylie. “They came all the way down here because they want to … do something nice, and they find out what? That you’re lying about this stuff,” Bruce told her. “It’s just ridiculous.”

Kim later visited the house to apologize to her sisters, but after she promised to never tell a lie again, Kylie asked, “Are you being serious or are you lying — again?”

Kylie and Kendall weren’t the only sisters mad at Kim and her mouth. Following bouts of morning sickness, Khloe confided in Kim that she took a pregnancy test and the results came back positive. But after being sworn to secrecy, Kim immediately spilled the news to Kris. Having not even told her husband Lamar yet, Khloe got a phone call from Kylie saying their mom has been dishing about the pregnancy. “We need to sew your mouth shut, for multiple reasons,” Khloe later told Kim. But as she prepared to become a mom, Khloe was dealt a hard blow when she realized during dinner with Kourtney and Kris that she was not pregnant. “I know everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everyone, and when the time is right, Lamar and I will have a beautiful baby together,” she said. –Kiran Hefa

Tell us: What did you think of the episode? Do you think Kim has really learned her a lesson? Is it too soon for Khloe to get pregnant?Todd Williamson/WireImage; Albert Michael/Startrak