'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Recap: The Family Takes St. Barths as Khloé Kardashian Says Lamar Odom Is Still Her 'Soulmate'

Plus, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Tyga's arrival on the family trip created some major drama

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A Kardashian/Jenner family vacation just wouldn’t be complete without plenty of drama, and the clan’s trip to St. Barths was no exception.

Sunday’s first half of Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ two-part episode kicked off back home in Los Angeles as the family geared up for their trip. Kylie Jenner, 18, was spending time with Caitlyn Jenner, 66, since her dad wouldn’t be coming to the Caribbean with them.

Caitlyn told her daughter it made her nervous that she was driving around her new Ferrari without being taught how to drive it properly and invited Kylie to bring the car to the race track so that she could teach her how it’s done.

Kylie and Caitlyn got to the race track at 7 a.m. and practiced driving the sports car. After a few hours, Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner, 20, arrived to join them – but once Kendall was there, Kylie quickly decided to dip out on the excursion, which upset her sister.

“She was there for you and then saw when I was here it was her opportunity to go be with her friends,” an irritated Kendall told Caitlyn. “She doesn’t have her priorities straight.”

“I actually can’t believe that Kylie is leaving right now just ’cause we never get to spend time with each other,” Kendall continued in an on-camera interview. “I travel a ton for work and even when I’m home in L.A. I feel like I don’t even really get to see Kylie as often as I’d like to. To have a moment to spend time with your dad and your sister – I would take it.”

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West were also clashing – big time.

Kim, 35, was angry with Kris, 60, for getting involved in Khloé Kardashian‘s relationship with her ex Lamar Odom. (Last episode, Kris created major drama when she gave Khloé’s new number to Odom after she had purposely changed it so he couldn’t reach her.)

“You just have a sentimental thing with Lamar, and at some point, you have to get over it,” Kim told Kris. “What you did created a bigger stream of problems.”

The two argued back and forth, and finally Kim blasted Kris, calling her a “bad mother” for saying Odom deserved a second chance.

Kris, who said she couldn’t “handle any more abuse” from her daughters, especially “super aggressive and super harsh” Kim, began to question whether or not she should go on the family’s upcoming trip to St. Barths.

“There’s nothing that bothers me more in life than someone who doesn’t take accountability for their actions,” Kim said about her mother in an on-camera interview, adding that if Kris wanted to stay home then she should do so.

Kris, meanwhile, went to boyfriend Corey Gamble, 35, for advice as she tried to decide whether or not to go to St. Barths.

“I feel like I shouldn’t go,” she said. “It’s just going to be a s—storm of nonsense.”

Gamble eventually convinced the momager to go, telling her he should be “the queen that [she is]” and join her daughters.

“Where’s the family without the mom, the boss lady?” he said to her, as Kris eventually gave in, saying she didn’t want to miss out, especially on spending time with her grandkids who would be on the trip.

That being said, tension was still running high between Kris and her daughters as they arrived on the island for their vacation.

At one point, Khloé, 31, and Kendall completely ignored their mom during lunch, and later Kris admitted she felt like a “fifth wheel” among her daughters.

“When they’re angry, I feel … not right,” Kris said. “Maybe coming on this trip was a mistake.”

And of course, even though Khloé had said she was looking forward to the trip to get a break from everything back home, the drama surrounding her and Odom didn’t stay back in Los Angeles as news broke that the former NBA star had given an interview claiming Khloé and him were still in love and always would be.

“I didn’t get why Lamar is saying this and making things so public right now,” Khloé said. “I think it’s so out of character for him. I’m so confused.”

The rest of the family, meanwhile, was feeling for Khloé since they knew Odom speaking out was only going to make it harder for her to move on – and, indeed, Khloé admitted her feelings for her estranged husband were still very strong.

“Everything Lamar is saying is true. I do love Lamar,” she said. “But Lamar is all talk and no action. For two years I’ve wanted Lamar to try. For two years I’ve wanted Lamar to show me some effort. But nothing ever changes. It definitely makes me sad because I still believe he is my soulmate. But right now I have to do what’s best for me.”

Eventually, Khloé and Kim ended up forgiving Kris for getting involved as the women banded together to support Khloé and Kris promised to not overstep her boundaries anymore.

“Although Khloé is being so strong I know that she is hurting inside,” Kris said. “I can know see Kim’s point of view a little bit about giving Lamar Khloé’s number because it does open up all those wounds.”

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While Khloé was dealing with her ex from afar, a current boyfriend in the family was creating some tension right on the island: Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga, 26, whom she decided to invite on the vacation despite the fact that it was meant to be a girls trip.

Most upset by the news that Tyga would be joining them was Kendall, who said she was really looking forward to spending time with her younger sister and at first didn’t even know that Tyga was coming.

“I’m super excited about this family trip,” Kendall said as she arrived in St. Barths with her mom and all her sisters, minus Kylie. “It’s our first all-girls trip. Kylie is on her way and I’m really excited to do weird adventurous things together.”

The tension between Kendall and Kylie began to mount even before Kylie arrived, as Kendall tried to convince her sister to fly into the island despite the scary plane ride.

“I hate her so much sometimes,” Kendall said to the rest of her family after speaking to Kylie on the phone. “I really wish Kylie would just get on this plane so she would just get here quicker and we could hang out.”

After Kim broke the news to Kendall later that night that Tyga would be joining them, Kendall was even more upset.

“I think it’s just weird that she wouldn’t ask any of us especially since we made it a point to make it a girls trip,” Kendall said, adding that she really loved Tyga but him being there would naturally take away from her time with Kylie.

“I don’t think spending time with me is very important to her,” Kendall said about Kylie.

Kris, meanwhile, defended her youngest daughter, saying that Kylie inviting Tyga wasn’t “malicious” and that she was the one who told Kylie it would be okay for her to bring him.

Late that evening, Kylie arrived via ferry, which upset Kendall even more since she didn’t get to spend any time with her before Tyga arrived the following morning.

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Kylie, meanwhile, was over the moon to reunite with her boyfriend and the two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other when she picked him up at the airport.

“I am so excited to see Tyga,” Kylie said in an on-camera interview. “I love having T around. I feel like he just keeps me sane, and he always wants to do everything that I want to do, and we love going on adventures.”

Unfortunately, things between Kendall and Kylie didn’t seem to get any better as the vacation kicked into full swing – at one point, Kendall was particularly irritated during a family boat trip when Kylie and Tyga went inside to take a nap instead of spending time with the family.

“She has to like, make an effort to be with us, and bringing your boyfriend on vacation is not making an effort,” Kendall said.

As if Odom and Tyga weren’t creating enough drama for the sisters, Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex Scott Disick was also playing a major role.

Kourtney, 36, spent much of the vacation on her phone, scrolling through pictures of Disick, 32, who was partying with girls and vacationing in Mexico.

“People keep telling me that Scott has gone out of town. But really at this point there’s really nothing I could hear that’s worse than anything else I’ve heard,” Kourtney said, though she couldn’t seem to stop clicking through the pics.

“I don’t even want to know, but how can you not look?” she added.

“This is the first trip without him and he’s still causing a problem,” Kim added. “He does something to get [Kourtney’s] attention every time she does something to better herself.”

“I know that once you start cyberstalking someone you become addicted,” Khloé said. “So for Kourtney to just get so wrapped up in that, I understand it, we’ve all been there, but I want Kourtney to disconnect from that world a little bit.”

Part two of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family vacation airs Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. ET on E!

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