By People Staff
Updated December 14, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

Returning for a fourth season of their E! reality show, Hollywood’s wackiest family found Kim sitting in the backseat as the family focused on Kourtney‘s pregnancy with on-again boyfriend Scott Disick as well as Khloe‘s new life as Mrs. Lamar Odom. And since no time spent with the Kardashians would be complete without a little drama, check out the premiere’s best blowups:

Single Lady The episode kicked off with a bang, as Kris tried to console Kim over her breakup with Reggie Bush. Joining her siblings, Bruce and Scott at the dining table, Kim stayed noticeably quiet as Khloe watched wedding footage and joked with Kourtney about her pregnant body. Trying to be supportive, Kris reassured her daughter she’d have a wedding as lovely as Khloe’s one day, then added everyone should stop pressuring Kim. Annoyed, Kim stormed out shouting, “You guys all make me feel like I’m the ones that have to f—ing get married and have a baby, I’m fine!”, before adding for good measure, “And can we get rid of this f—ing wedding cake already? It’s been here for a week!”

Everyone Loves a Charade During a family game of charades, Kourtney and Scott dropped by to announce when they would learn the sex of their baby. But when Scott tried to gain the group’s attention, Khloe interrupted him and began acting out the phrase “deadbeat dad,” to cheers from the group. Having already warned her family she would no longer tolerate their lack of respect for Scott, a fed-up Kourtney scolded, “He doesn’t need to come here. This isn’t his family,” before the couple made their exit.

Finder’s Keepers After Kris offered to house Khloe and Lamar’s wedding presents while the couple searched for a home, Khloe paid an unexpected visit to her parents’ house and found her mom had opened some of her presents and was now cooking with her waffle maker. Cursing off Kris and shouting “You’re stealing all my sh-t!” as she went, Khloe bolted with her gifts in tow.

Push Comes to Shove Despite missing Kourtney’s sonogram because of her dislike for Scott, Khloe still refused to make nice over dinner with the pair, Kim and Rob. When the group headed to Kim’s condo afterwards, a drunken Khloe began harassing Scott about Kourtney wanting to leave him before he “knocked her up.” Having had enough, Kourtney attempted to leave, but Khloe blocked her exit, and tried to force her to sit back down. When Scott stepped up to help Kourtney, Khloe slapped him upside the head as Rob and Kim stared on in shock. –Kiran Hefa

Tell us: What do you think happened after the slap? Will you tune in next week to find out? Matt Sayles/AP