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After a season of fighting with on-again, off-again boyfriend Scott, Kourtney and her beau welcomed son Mason Dash Disick together on Sunday’s season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Following last week’s blow-up in Las Vegas, Kourtney was ready to soldier on as a single mom, much to Kris and Khloe‘s delight. But after Scott repeatedly apologized over text messages and voicemails, she offered him one more chance to explain himself in person, and eventually forgave him.

“People act like Scott is this awful, horrible person, but he’s actually really good to me,” Kourtney said. “I really do want to make this work, and not just for our baby. I really want to make it work for me because I love him and I want to help him help himself.”

Deciding to keep her reconciliation with Scott a secret, Kourtney invited him to her baby shower without telling Kris, Khloe or Kim that he would be stopping by. “I know that I shouldn’t feel like this, but hearing Scott’s name actually makes me cringe,” complained Kris. Confronting her daughter about Scott’s appearance, Kris was told to stand down. “This is my life and this is what it is,” Kourtney said. “You should expect him everywhere that I am.”

Four weeks after the shower, Kourtney went into labor, and the entire event was filmed by Scott on his personal video camera. Instead of heading for the hospital right after her water broke, Kourtney managed to organize laundry, take a shower, shave her legs and do her makeup before leaving the house. “I don’t want to be gross,” she said.

The mom-to-be, Scott and sisters Kylie and Kendall finally made their way to the hospital near midnight. Arriving one after the other, Kris, Khloe and Kim soon followed in the early morning hours until Kourtney gave birth shortly after 6 a.m. “The experience was so indescribable, and life-changing, and I can’t believe he’s all mine,” beamed Kourtney afterwards.

“It’s honestly like a little piece of me was just reborn,” added Scott. “And I’m so happy I’m here with Kourtney.”

Showing off the baby boy to brother Rob, Kim added, “He looks exactly like my dad. He’s so hairy and Armenian. It really shows how strong the Kardashian genes are.”

But only two weeks after giving birth, Kourtney kept her word about being a working mom, and announced alongside Khloe that the pair would be returning to Miami to help run the South Beach branch of their DASH clothing store — and to shoot another season of their spin-off. –Kiran Hefa

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