Throwback Thursday: This week, Keanu Reeves revisited Speed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and also spoke about the possibility of a third Bill & Ted movie

Talk about a throwback Thursday: Keanu Reeves revisited his 1994 action film Speed for a special Jimmy Kimmel Live! spoof, and also spoke earlier in the week about the possibility of a third Bill & Ted movie. Excellent!

The actor and Jimmy Kimmel created a new “trailer” for a new installment in the Speed franchise called A Reasonable Speed.

Rather than the high-paced drama of the original film (in which Reeves was trapped on a bus that couldn’t travel below 50 mph without exploding), Kimmel and the star’s new take features the duo hilariously following the rules of the road.

The faux feature, which got a fictional two thumbs up from the Consumers Safety Council, includes a seat-gripping run-in with a speed bump, and ends with Kimmel’s untimely demise by bus crash.

Also on the docket for a potential reboot? 1989’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

A young Reeves starred in the cult franchise as one-half of a dim-witted high school duo who traveled through time to meet some of history’s greatest figures.

“We’re still trying to make that thing,” Reeves told Reuters of a third film during the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie, Knock Knock. “They’re still working on the script.”

Reeves, 51, said there’s “some new ideas” he’s excited about.

“Over the years it’s been getting better and better,” he said, “And hopefully one day we can make that film.”