By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 04:24 PM
Credit: INF; ODuran/Fame

Katie Holmes is already a hit with the cast of Eli Stone .

“She was super gracious and lovely,” Natasha Henstridge, who plays the title character’s ex-fiance Taylor Wethersby, said at an ABC party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Thursday night. “And statuesque and gorgeous.”

And not afraid to contribute a little elbow grease when necessary. The first thing Holmes did during her guest-starring turn was help move furniture.

“I was literally moving a table with executive producer Greg Berlanti at the table read, and Katie came in and said, ‘Do you guys need any help?'” Henstridge said.

“Katie throws down her Starbucks and runs over to help move tables,” said Jason Winston George, who plays Keith Bennett on the show.

Holmes, who began filming her guest spot on Tuesday, is slated to appear in the Oct. 21 episode of the legal dramedy. She plays a nonprofit attorney. –Michael Y. Park and Liza Hamm

INF; ODuran/Fame