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"I'm the marrying kind, even though I've only been married once," says the TV personality

September 07, 2012 05:55 PM

Katie Couric is involved in a happy new romance with financier John Molner, but is she looking to make a lifelong commitment?

It may be too soon to say if Molner is “The One,” but Couric, 55, says ultimately, she’d like to settle down.

“I would like to [get married],” she tells Parade. “I’m the marrying kind, even though I’ve only been married once. I like the idea of having a life partner.”

Couric was married to Jay Monahan, who died of colon cancer in 1998 at age 42. “I was lucky to meet him when I did because I was ready,” Couric tells the magazine.

“By then I had seen too many women give up the idea of having a family for their career. For a time I thought I’d do that, too. But I think I had an epiphany and I decided … I’m going to try to meet someone I can marry and have kids with and who will be a life partner for me.”

After her husband’s death, Couric said she found the strength to move on for her two young daughters.

“When you’re confronted with terrible suffering and loss, you feel so utterly powerless. Debilitated. You can choose to end your life, to stop living. Or you can try to heal and have a sense of purpose,” she says. “When Jay died, I had a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old. I wanted to provide them with a happy home; that’s what enabled me to go on.”

These days Couric and Molner, who is head of mergers and acquisitions at Brown Brothers Harriman, are “very happy together,” a source tells the New York Post.

On the professional front, Couric is preparing to debut her new syndicated daytime talk show Katie on Sept. 10. Her first guest will be Jessica Simpson.

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